Earring Tales: Skytrails

I was trying to get a gradient in blue silk colors.

Bluescale Ace2

…Not exactly.

Part of the problem being there just aren’t a lot of silk colors. And the dark blue I have is at least two shades darker than I would have liked.

I could have gone for other beads in shades of blue in between, and maybe I should have. But that would have interrupted the finish of silks. As it was I had to resort to a color-lined pale blue to round out the stripes. Sigh.

At least they look interesting?

Skytrails Earrings.



8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Skytrails

  1. Pretty. That jump from bright/white to dark blue, with the purple around it, makes me think of a clear summer evening just as the sun is going down, so overhead is still pale sky with a sharp line of “almost night” and purple on the edges.

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  2. Actually, I think I like these particular ones with the white on top. If you have a dusty rose/gray color for the border then it’s almost like the sky after a rain storm. Ish? I’ve never been able to come up with a good description for the light after it rains but the clouds are still there. At sunset it’s a rose/dust/green? Super pretty and kinda surreal? Otherwise it’s a rose gold, but with a hint of gray? I dunno. My failure to describe it continues…

    But seriously, very pretty. Great job! *Nice Gai pose*

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  3. That particular shade of purple puts me in mind of what I’ve heard about desert sunsets. Very pretty overall, but just wondering why that shade of purple? Contrast? If you went with the sky theme, maybe a Sunny shade? But, no, it doesn’t look quite right in my head. Good call. Finding a yellow that doesn’t clash would keep be arduous. (Very Blue Paladin from Voltron: Legendary Defenders if you could pull it off though.)

    Maybe a stormy gray? You’ve got the white clouds in it already.


  4. The blue-to-white there reminds me more of a white-sand beach, with waves going up it.

    Quite pretty, even if it didn’t turn out as you envisioned it.

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