Earring Tales: Desert Meadow

This came out closer to what I had in mind.

Desert Meadow7

I think if I did ones like these again I might add some red below for painted sandstone and blue-green for sage at the top.

But not bad, I think.

The lower two stripes are actually silver-lined colors; I know they don’t look like it. I think I like how the tones blend through the bottom stripe so it’s just a little shiny, and then there’s the gold border.


Desert Meadow earrings.


9 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Desert Meadow

  1. What happened with these? I lost the auction, then got offered a second chance. I’m not complaining, but if the first person needs them/wants to re-bid for them- you can cancel my order and give it to them.

    I just don’t want to cheat someone out of pretties they wanted because ebay can be weird.

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    1. While I love making new color combos, I also very tediously and studiously try to write down the directions for every pair I make. So if it turns out that a lot of people say “Ooo, that’s awesome!” I can make duplicates. So you’re not cheating anyone – I just put a few afternoons’ worth of spare time when I couldn’t write (due to needing to do other family stuff) into making another pair. 🙂

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