Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Finding a Dragon

We’ve been here a year. A dragon would take longer than that picking how to carve a gem. Gods, they’ll sleep longer than that; it lets them live longer, and why be awake if the two-legs are being boring? Their lairs are already deathtraps for anyone who’d try to catch them napping

Realization knifed through Kirito; cold as hate, and burning like acid.

Kayaba is here.

Sword Art Online was his creation. The players, and all the magic infusing them, was his dream come to life. Why in the worlds would he be lazing in a cave in Khorvaire when he could live that dream here?

Beniryuu is here!

Kirito’s hands twisted the pillow. If he could breathe, he knew air would have burned in his chest.

How do I find him?

…What do I do when I find him?

Sachi hadn’t asked for anything as simple as vengeance. She wanted them to escape.

Curses can outlive their casters. Killing him won’t set us free. I need to find another way.

I need to talk to Argo.

And that was going to be so much fun. She’d sold him the location of the event; information was her trade, and Argo the Rat would never sell less than the best. But she’d made it clear she thought it was a stupid thing to risk your life for. The “I told you so”s were going to be painful.

I’d listen to them every day for a year, if that could just get us out of….

Kirito’s eyes snapped open. That was it. That was the vengeance Sachi needed. That they all needed.

A criminal doesn’t get to profit from his crime. Whether or not he dies doesn’t matter. He has to lose.

Which left him back at, how did they break Kayaba’s curse from the inside?

I need to talk to wizards. Starting with Argo. Kirito turned the pillow to a dry side, and cocooned himself in warm blankets. Tomorrow.

Sleep pounced, ravaged with nightmares.


20 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Finding a Dragon

  1. “A criminal doesn’t get to profit from his crime. Whether or not he dies doesn’t matter. He has to lose.” I love, love, love this.

    Side note, the ability to nap for a year or two at a time sounds amazing. Oh, I miss sleep.

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  2. his open the idea that instead of killing the dragon, Kirito goes for ruining the plan to transfer the players there. or minimize the number of the transferred.

    ALO could be a second Attempt.

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  3. Good idea . . . might be tricky. Might not be able to fully thwart his Cunning Plan (and any others that might have been added to the pot) but thwarting enough might be possible. But they should at least try to pooch the whole deal because why not, you might get lucky.

    Part of me doesn’t want to leave people like Tetsutora and Stheno without the help and such they need against hostile forces – genocide is not okay – but I can emphasize with anyone who says no. Because they weren’t asked before being brought into this mess and it’s not fair to ask someone to sympathize and help out someone who was party to their kidnapping . . . . on the third hand, certain red dragons weren’t entirely honest about what they were doing to people like Tetsutora. Through given it was a red dragon, they probably should have been looking through said offer with a fine toothed comb. One made out of razor wire. Of course, they probably did but dragons are good at hiding things they don’t want people to know about until it’s too late to stop it from biting them on the behind.

    Through Kirito and his allies might want to be prepared for the backlash. Because I don’t think dragons like being thwarted. And some youkai lords probably won’t like the Grand Plan not going entirely according to plan or being thwarted either.

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    1. Fortunately for Kirito I suspect that killing Kayaba is going to be part of /how/ they defeat the curse from the inside.

      Whether killing Kayaba also kills Beniryu though, well now that’s the question.

      Of course if things go like canon I could see Beniryu getting the last laugh by /somehow/ turning Kirito into a Dragon. Or a D&D style dragonborn.

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      1. Of course if things go like canon I could see Beniryu getting the last laugh by /somehow/ turning Kirito into a Dragon. Or a D&D style dragonborn.

        Heh. Nope.

        Oh good.

        It’s kind of a nifty idea. And something like that to yank Kirito around does fit his personality.

        Well, he doesn’t do something like that, I’m sure he’ll think of something.

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      1. “There is nothing you can do. It’s impossible.”

        “I’ve done impossible before.”

        Ignores his own internal grumbling and the mutters of his friends of “Barely. By the skin of all of our teeth.”

        Someone might also grumble “Could you not taunt Murphy?”

        Because in some ways, proclaiming you can do the impossible again, is asking Murphy to make your life very interesting.

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  4. For some reason I’m imagining Sachi giving the ‘live to get revenge’ speech Itachi gave to Sasuke. Doesn’t really work, but it isn’t the least workable idea I’ve had this week.


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  5. What better proof for the youkai lords of the wisdom in his plan than a bunch of humans adapting to the world, thriving within it, and then defeating or outfitting a powerful near God-like Dragon without clerics or divine help? Whether they kill him in SAO or not, if the players stand against him with any success than Dragaba wins.

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    1. I feel like Beniryuu’s line to the Youkai Lords afterwards is something like: “You wanted back-up. Well here it is. Good luck with the Reality Breakers and Dream-Renders.”

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