Brief bit – Reality Plus Murphy

Going to be busy tomorrow. All day. Pre-loaded a post for tomorrow morning.

…There’s a magnet in my clothes somewhere that says “Murphy” on it, I just know it.


19 thoughts on “Brief bit – Reality Plus Murphy

  1. Good luck with whatever it is. Here’s to hoping that Murphy causes no more stress or arragration or anything else than it usually does.

    Speaking of Murphy, if you ever find that pin, be very thorough with it’s destruction. If Fiction has taught me anything, it’s that those pins are like certain monsters – you pretty much cannot kill them dead enough, very much a “There is no overkill. There is open fire and I need to reload” type thing.

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    1. Alternatively, you can attach said pin to whatever or whoever annoyed you recently and watch the pretty fireworks… and then destroy the pin thoroughly. 🙂

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      1. Evil Overlord List #whatever:
        I will not devise any scheme that consists of a) tricking the hero into unwittingly helping me, and then b) laughing at him and leaving him to his own devices.

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  2. Hope whatever you have going on goes well! Be sure to destroy that magnet, or else you’ll wake up to see it sitting on your table and glaring at you. 🙂

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    1. There actually is a way to get rid of what originally attracted Murphy to Florida. See, he was an aerospace engineer working on the space program.

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