Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Moonsword Memories

A/N: Bloodstones can carry a lot.

Tournesol dashed away tears, scrambling to Caerulus’ bloodied head to tip potions between ivory fangs. Darkfire fights psionics. It’ll clean out the shulassakar’s sonic blast, while the water-healing goes after the demon-burns. It’ll be enough. It will.

A long pink tongue stirred, and the dragon’s throat shuddered as he swallowed. “…Ugh.” Topaz eyes blinked, blearily focusing on her. “How are we alive?”

Tournesol sniffled, then put on the fiercely brave face she knew her father would want to see. “The prime retriever swallowed the Eye of Destruction. In a bag of holding.”

“That is where I had it, yes,” Caerulus said gruffly, lifting his bloodied head with a wince as gaping wounds began to heal. “The astral energies seemed to keep the damned thing quiet. They wouldn’t have created a blast like that, unless….” The dragon blinked. “Impossible.”

“No.” Tournesol took a deep breath. “Connlan used shadow magic to seal a portable hole into Pureshriek’s blade.”

For the first time she could remember, her father was at an utter loss for words. He knew better than most how explosive that combination would be. If, and only if, the blade had deliberately severed the bag. “But… how?”

“Never stare into a campfire. It ruins your night vision.” The medusa rounded Caerulus’ shoulder, tipping his wand of healing up to cool before its next use. “And it makes so many shadows.”


24 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Moonsword Memories

  1. Apparently, he isn’t to dealing with people who pay attention the possible part and ignore the im- part of impossible. Or otherwise think it means I’m Possible.

    Through in the interest of fairness, you can’t blame someone for being shocked and/or face-palming and/or silently vow to kill / maim the lunatic friend later if they survive this when dealing with someone who employs the Simon Cavins method of problem solving: If it is crazy and it works, then it isn’t crazy.

    Even people are used to this sort of craziness from their comrades or themselves still get shocked and/or have to face palm and/or want to maim the lunatic friend.

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      1. Oh, they seldom claim their crazy idea wasn’t stupid. Some of them will even rather cheerfully agree with anyone who tells them it’s a dumb idea and they are VERY lucky that it worked.

        It’s often mostly a case of It was dumb. And it was crazy. But no one had a better idea so I went with dumb and crazy and prayed I got lucky.

        Or they didn’t have time to come up with a better plan.

        Or they are too young to realize just how stupid and/or crazy that idea was (everyone makes at least one poor decision when they are teenagers – usually more)

        Through in fairness, there are ones who won’t admit just how stupid their idea was. And that they got lucky when it worked.

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      1. And mostly likely in multiple ways.

        Both in the ‘Hilarious to watch the two stumble over each other’ and in the ‘They did what? How? Bu-but XYZ doesn’t work like that!?! I need more alcohol to deal with this.’

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  2. HA! Called it!

    For some reason, I had the weird feeling that Tournesol (Sunflower in French, btw) and Connlan had a History. Caerulus being Tournesol’s Father – didn’t see that coming, but darn, Girl, you need that.
    On second thought, as fond of bonds that transcend death as our dear author is, maybe I should’ve.

    The old half-dragon is going to start having flash-backs.

    *Snrk* oh yes, he will. Hee hee…

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    1. I still find it interesting newer editions of d&d kept that legacy “feature” in them from the older versions, specifically called out on the items in question… but didn’t make any other combination of magical storage items work that way. (a Handy Haversack, for example, despite being almost the same as a Bag of Holding, does _not_ have that problem)

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      1. I was actually more referring to how “everyone knows” that magic storage items have this bad side effect, but if you actually check the rules it’s nowhere in the rules. It’s only specifically called out on certain items, and even then only in relation to certain other items. It’s perfectly fine to stick a portable hole inside another portable hole, or a bag of holding in another bag of holding. I’ve even seen an item that calls out that it acts “like other storage items when placed inside another storage item”, with the fluff text suggesting it has the destructive results of a PH/BoH combination yet without the actual rules that’d make it do so properly, simply because of how prevalent this fanon is.

        Similarly, “everyone knows” how BoH’s work. But if you ask them, the answers you get are totally different. Most editions, a BoH notes that putting something sharp inside it is risky and might cause it to tear, releasing the contents (tho different editions don’t agree whether it releases them in the material plane or the astral plane), which is an artifact of one version having a BoH be a physical bag that has magically expanded interior space, while another version had a BoH be a bag that happened to have a portal into a pocket of the astral plane covering the mouth of the bag (but nothing ever actually entered the bag itself).

        And there were a bunch of other oddities of BoH’s and other magical storage items in d&d, but it’s been years since the time I spent trying to track down all of them to figure out the tangled mess they’d become in the public perception, so I don’t remember the rest off the top of my head.

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    2. …oh is that what they did? I have next to no D&D knowledge, so the translation is much appreciated.

      Also, WTF, mini black hole. When overkill is the best option, indeed.

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      1. >
        …oh is that what they did? I have next to no D&D knowledge, so the translation is much appreciated.
        Bags of holding open into a miniature pocket dimension allowing them to hold far more then their appearance would suggest. Highly useful but there are some limitations in that said pocket dimension to other dimensional effects.

        The portable hole is a similar creation. Spread the magical cloth on a urface and you get an extradimensional hole. Think the instant/movable holes you see in looney tunes etc.

        Now if you try and put one of said objects into the other there is a very bad reaction causing a temperory rip in the fabric of reality, sucking everything nearby.

        If you know Warhammer 40k the effect is something similar to a Vortex grenade.

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      2. I know of the bag of holding. It was the portable home that got me; thought that was a bag of holding variant. Not familiar with 40k but I can extrapolate… Big boom. Very big all consuming boom.

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      3. >
        Big boom. Very big all consuming boom.
        Combined with negative space-wedgie as the tear in reality opens to the astral plane which has a much lower concentration of well EVERYTHING, meaning that matter, energy, souls, anything you can imagine starts getting sucked through the hole.

        Tends to be rather harsh on anything in the vicinity.

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