Kabaneri Fluffbit – Worse with Bees

“No station,” Dogen said deliberately, “will take in two half-Kabane.”

Mumei tensed, as if the girl wanted something to fight. Kajika reached out to her, the youngsters echoing her move until the Kabaneri was surrounded by defiant eyes.

Dogen nodded slightly, grimly satisfied. Perhaps now his niece would see what she risked. “And if word should travel that you carried them among you – no station would let you enter, any of you.” He raised an open hand, all too aware that Ikoma and the two bushi watched his every twitch. “So I will do my best to quell the rumors, for my own people’s sake. I agree; those of Kongokaku should certainly leave this Hayajiro. Before it becomes a deathtrap for you all.”

Credit to Ayame’s training; she hid most of her flinch, though that had to be a blow to the heart. “The Koutetsujou has kept us all alive!”

“And how long can that last?” Dogen said gravely. Somewhere near the base of the tower he heard a yelp, but what the steamsmiths might be up to was nowhere near as important as making Ayame listen. “Kongokaku has fallen, and other stations; all the schedules are cast awry. Even if you can keep them hidden, fewer and fewer stations will risk supplying hungry strangers. Your engineer carries no cargo, you have nothing they want-”

Ikoma blinked, head jerking toward the water-tower, and suddenly Dogen knew he’d lost them.

“Kabane?” Kurusu asked swiftly.

Ikoma shook his head, but kept staring, puzzled. “Something… moving?”

“Small. Yellow. A lot of them.” Mumei frowned, peering toward the bottom of the metal tank, and then the agitated group of steamsmiths backing away from the foot of it, as an odd droning hum whispered through the air. “Are those-?”

“Lady Ayame!” A blond steamsmith hit the ladder, climbing halfway up before shaking out one of his hands with a vicious curse. Dogen could see a red welt blooming on skin even from the top of the locomotive. “We’ve got a problem!”


25 thoughts on “Kabaneri Fluffbit – Worse with Bees

  1. Who’s to say that they will never have something that some station doesn’t want?

    The train could be a death trap . . . there is something to be said for a defensible place like a station where you can grow food, etc. Through places like that are liable to being under seige and either fall or be starved out. I.e. what happened to several of the stations already.

    Not that the train cannot fall or be ambushed . . . but mobility might be a good thing during a z-poc. Especially one where the darn zombies seem to have some ability to learn and make plans.

    And it sounds like they are getting their regularly scheduled disruption by forces unknown – and knowing their luck malicious.

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      1. Good.

        Because between the Kabane, mad scientists (I think), and humans being humans, they don’t need more trouble that ranks about nuisance.

        No tentacles or anything on these critters but the Kabane virus sounds like something the The Project aliens would have come up with. Doesn’t exactly track with that setting – cause if I remember correctly, said aliens usually hit civilizations that are developing or have developed transporter technology and this setting didn’t have that tech level before the z-poc. Through it wouldn’t be hard adapt this into that setting – pretty much just make the trains space-ships and the stations space stations, they are spacer society.

        I apologize if the bunnies find that idea tasty. At least if they are nibbling on that, they aren’t nibbling on you?

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  2. >
    “Small. Yellow. A lot of them.” Mumei frowned, peering toward the bottom of the metal tank, and then the agitated group of steamsmiths backing away from the foot of it, as an odd droning hum whispered through the air. “Are those-?”

    “Lady Ayame!” A blond steamsmith hit the ladder, climbing halfway up before shaking out one of his hands with a vicious curse. Dogen could see a red welt blooming on skin even from the top of the locomotive. “We’ve got a problem!”
    So either they’re come across a big bee hive that’s set up in the water tower (“Not the bees!”) or Japanese giant hornets. Considering the distance that Mumei spotting them from I’d guess hornets.

    It would match with the ‘we have a problem’ since said wasps are large, possess rather potent venom and are very aggressive to any would-be visitors.

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    1. Ah so it could be bees.
      Still I imagine this hive is far from ‘tame’ like the bess that have been ‘cultivated’ for many years.

      Also it’s less then a viable income source if they try and take the hive with them. The train is always moving except while in a station so the bees wouldn’t be able to venture out to find flowers then get back ‘home’.

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  3. Kabane rats? Well… that sucks 😦
    Also, they don’t have “nothing”, they have Ikoma’s ingenuity! Become a traveling weapons vendor, the more frightening the world becomes, the happier they will be to see you!

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    1. Whoops, I was thinking yellow eyes, obviously it’s Kabane bees or hornets of some kind…
      Which is worse. Because they can fly.
      ……..wow, Humanity is screwed. Suddenly a mobile home is the solution, take that old man!

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      1. I was thinking along the lines of “escapees from one of Biba’s labs” because I doubt non-human Kabane would occur naturally if they haven’t already, and he’s the only person we’ve encountered that’s crazy enough to do something like that in cannon. I’m a bit relieved that’s not a thing that’s happening

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      2. So — I wasn’t able to find Kabaneri (not on Crunchy or Netflix) but I did find a comic called Stand Still Stay Silent.

        …wow, is a z-poc which effects all mammals //utterly devastating//. Those poor zombie whales…

        But at least the art was pretty?

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      3. The only mammal 100% immune is cats, because they are blessed by the Old Gods. (And because the author is a cat lover.) Its both incredibly cute and utterly horrifying to see the cats working with humans to survive the z-poc. If you look up anything about SSSS, look up their cat training poster.

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  4. Actually, mobile hives could well be usefull, even critical. An often overlooked facet of our industrialized agriculture is that many food crops are dependent on pollinators for fertilization, so that they will bear “fruit”. If you want high yeilds, you need to saturate the fields with pollinators, ie Bees for the most part.

    That means that hives are being transported all over the country according to the season and crop.

    Plus, transportation allows for the trading of surpluses between the fortress communities- what railroads are intended for, after all. Information is another trade good- distributing ideas, concepts, and tools that help the Stations survive. After all, if there isn’t an effort made to progress, the Kabane will simply win by default as each Station dies in turn.

    I have to say though, infrastructure being an interest of mine, how are the railways even working after all this time? Rails need replacing, the railbed needs to be repaired from storm damage, landslides, Bridges und tunnels maintained, etc.

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  5. Well, you still need Stations with heavy industry to supply rails and crossties (and the armored trains have to be able to reach the Stations that supply them), pre-cut lumber for trestles and bridges where there aren’t more permanent structure, and stockpiles (and quarries w/transport) for ballast rock… I’d reckon every armored train would of necessity have some rails, ties, and ballast on hand.

    Some of that could be literally ballast on the cars, to add stability and decrease the chance of derailing- I haven’t gotten around to watch the series yet, but I did see a clip where our heroes are fleeing down the line being chased by one of those colony Kabane, and they juuust manage to keep from toppling while going around the bend while their defensive cannon take the beast out…

    Still, when one regards Japan’s geography, with all those moutains and valleys, and the rivers in them… Unless they really went all out when they laid out the right of ways with an eye to minimize problems with flooding, rock/landslides, (lets not forget earthquakes!!), every major storm has the potential/high probability of causing the lines to be blocked/bodily destroyed in places.

    Does the series ever show, or mention other trains? Or does one get the impression that Koutetsujou is one of the last/the last Hayajiro? What about the Stations? Are there apparently more destroyed than surviving ones?

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    1. There are other trains shown, briefly, but it’s definitely implied that there are both fewer stations and Hayajiro than there were even a year ago.

      This is definitely not a stable system, no. OTOH, for several years the Hunters were out there taking down Kabane, “giving land back to the people”. Which to me implies Biba and his group may have made track maintenance possible, before he went all-in on crazy and went after the Shogun.

      Nice analysis bits! 🙂

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