Post-NaNo Update: Sneaking

I’ve now edited 260 out of about 290 pages in this third round on Seeds of Blood. So far I’ve cut about 2K words, from a draft that was about 120K. Pretty much all small nitpicky stuff of “do I really need X word in the sentence to get the idea across?”

I think of it a bit like an archaeologist using a little brush to get the dirt off an artifact. The more unneeded words you have cluttering up a sentence, the greater the chance the reader will get lost in the verbal weeds. And nobody wants that. 😉

So I go through and do the tiny snip-snips first. Only after that, once I have all the sentences and chain of events as clear as possible, will I do a further round of edits and see if I need more imagery, scene-setting, action description, etc.

I probably will. Scenes in my head always seem to need more to paint them on paper than I think. But for me, that painting of imagery works best after all the clutter is gone.

It’s interesting to come back to the big fight this long after I finally finished it. It still seems to hang together well, which… I have to admit, worried me, given there’s a lot of moving pieces. But all the characters have a role, everyone gets a piece of the slips, falls, and action, and Evil is in the process of being Confronted.

(As you can imagine, Evil doesn’t like this very much.)

Hopefully this round will be done inside a week or so, and then – it’s imagery fine detail work! Eep.


14 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Sneaking

  1. No, Evil never does like being confronted. It means they have to do things like explain their position, and then there’s the risk that their reasoning sounds really bloody stupid when they actually say it out loud!
    (if I may be so bold, Trump’s ability to ignore this sort of thing may be part of the reason for his… political success)

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    1. Heh. That may be. I’ve listened to plenty of “reasoning” on both sides of the political divide, and there seems to be an overall lack of ability to register reality. Maybe we can get all of DC hit with a meteor?


      1. “Wetland” is more of an umbrella term that covers swamps, marshes, lakes, ponds, estuaries, bogs, fens, river banks, wet prairies, and coastlines. I have never seen an environmental website say that “swamp” is not PC.


      2. SMOD disappointed me, and these days I’m very pessimistic about REDACTED’s chances in 2020. Obviously I need to be following the state legislature more closely.

        “Dear Editor,
        Surely you should realize what a travesty it is for X Y to be the state representative of District AB, for he is of Z party…”

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      3. You’ve seen the Bad Blood ep of X-Files, too?

        May have done, many many years ago XD

        “Wetland” is more of an umbrella term that covers swamps, marshes, lakes, ponds, estuaries, bogs, fens, river banks, wet prairies, and coastlines.

        DC in its natural state has… pretty much all of those.

        So I stand by my correction. ^_^

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    2. This was an interesting cycle. There are a lot of hypotheticals.

      Man, oh Man. The historical perspective we will have in twenty years. (We’ve nearly reached twenty and thirty with 2000 and 1992, there’s all sorts of things that are clearer now. )

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  2. The advantages of writing fanfiction, as opposed to publishing-no need for so much editing…Would have driven me crazy. or at least delayed any publishing by half a year…

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