Earring Tales: Gilt Valentine


Gilt Valentine5

Another “poke the beads and see if a combination seems happy”.

The golden edge beads are Delica silver-lined Duracoat mica; I have to say I like those beads because they really do look like some kinds of mica to me, the same slightly-reddish-pale-gold translucence. Mica used to be used in very thin layers for stove and boiler windows, among other things, because it could take greater temperature extremes than glass. I’ve seen some antique stoves where it was still intact.

One of the interesting things in this pair is that the outer edge red beads are also silver-lined Duracoat – in this case, crimson. Yet the finish is distinctly different; more matte, not shiny. I’m curious to see what else will be available in Duracoat. I have to admit, I’ve been getting them more for the new color variations than their durability – though so far they do indeed seem durable!

Gilt Valentine earrings.


3 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Gilt Valentine

  1. EEEEEEEEE SPARKLY!!! 😀 Very pretty! I really liked the brighter red and silver on the edges.

    *Feels bad, but slips new fandom under your door while you’re not looking* It’s called Dendrobates, and it is an action manga featuring guns, guts, hitmen, and a main character that does not get caught in a love triangle and/or turn wimpy and weak. I highly recommend it, if only so I have someone to gush with. 😀

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      1. Also translated in English on mangago, if you’re interested. 😉 Be warned – if you’re not logged in it tends to spring pop-ups on you.

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