Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Questions

Asuna didn’t like to go more than a few days without checking up on Lisbeth, and she knew the blacksmith leveled up carefully. She could only imagine what Klein and Fuurinkazan felt like, trying to hold the Black Swordsman in their family.

It’s like trying to tame an alley-cat. Sometimes he’ll let you pet him. Sometimes he just runs.

Which was a little ironic. Kirito might remind the Tournesol-dreams of Connlan, yet the outcast Vadalis had actually had an upbringing more like the Yuuki family. Rich. Educated. Expected to work hard, to behave, to fit in. Not a major heir, he didn’t have a dragonmark. But he would have known what his life was expected to be.

Then sorcery had blazed up in Connlan’s soul, and his own house had tried to kill him.

And that was just the start of it, Asuna winced. If Tae’s right – he ran, he saved a girl from a werewolf and got bitten, he had that town chasing him, he ran into more monsters, he managed to talk Vincent into giving an infected human a chance… and he kept a whole flock of cockatrices alive with him. Getting adopted must have been a relief.

She didn’t know what Kirito’s life had been like before Aincrad. But she had to wonder. Before the first boss fight, he’d taught her how a regular sword blow could be as effective as a Sword Skill. Safer, too; simple strikes didn’t have a cooldown time. Meaning you could use them faster. If you were swarmed by low-level mobs, that speed could save your life.

Kirito knows swords, Asuna thought. Real swords.

…Well, that was probably going too far. Still. Even if he just knew real kendo – most people didn’t. “Where did you learn to use a sword?”

Kirito almost dropped a pink segment. “The last time I checked, we were in Sword Art Online.”


14 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Questions

      1. …dammit, now I want to see Old Republic Online re-cast as “Babylon 5 Online.”

        “…so, we just have to save the entire galaxy, and all of the various sentient races, from what amounts to a nasty divorce between the two oldest remaining ancestral races? One where they’re essentially trying to get the kids to pick who the better parent was by who wins/loses the series of wars the ‘rents have set up over the past several thousand years?”
        “Yeah. No pressure, right?”

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  1. Trying to dodge the question there, are we?

    You will have to do better than that.

    Through I could understand not wanting to advertise that knowing some kendo has been helpful – given how much so many people likes to interpret anything that helps you survive this death trap as cheating. And Kirito is rather rightly sick of being told he is a cheater just because he didn’t die.

    Getting adopted must have been a relief.

    I’d say so.

    A family? Someone who isn’t going to kill him because he has sorcery? Plain, simple “You’re not alone. We’ve got your back.”

    Easy to see why that would be oh so tempting . . .

    Kirito doesn’t want to be adopted. He’s got multiple issues with that word. He needs to get back to his family and becoming a youkai of any variety would likely mess that up. He knows that there is some serious strings attached due to meddling dragons who need their scaly tails kicked . . .

    But I think he does understand the appeal. And sometimes it is tempting. Current circumstances might make it a definite no (understandably so) but . . . circumstances can change.

    Okay so maybe I think Kirito would be cute with snakes in his hair. (And I am one of those people who wishes Viper was longer than one shot but is trying not be greedy).

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    1. Kirito would be cute, yes. 😉

      The real sore spot with his kendo is that it’s the Kirigaya family style. He put up with learning it under his grandfather (we don’t know much, canon, but seems the guy was strict), until he found out he was adopted. Then he quit, and dove into computers.

      The irony is that beta-testing SAO, he was beginning to come back to kendo because he could finally use what he knew without getting mental kicks in the teeth of “this is the family style and you will learn it.”

      ….Aaaand then deathgame. And knowing real swordwork was literally a matter of life and death. Meaning he had to rely on reflex knowledge and training when he hadn’t fully come to terms with “am I really part of this family or not?”

      So yes. He’s dodging the question. Not well….

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      1. Except that canon – at least the novels anyway – make it explicit that they never actually /lied/ to him. They never brought it up and as far as his parents were concerned he was there son. It probably ‘helped’ that he wasn’t even a year old when his birth parents died.

        And when he did find out? Well he was a clever little shit, and tricked them rather than confronting them about it, but they never actually tried to deny that he was adopted.

        The thing that threw him was that even after he knew he was adopted his parents didn’t treat him any differently than they had before. Similarly he also observed that other than gender-based differences they didn’t treat him any differently than they did Suguha.

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      2. They still lied. They just did it by omission.

        And most kids probably assume adults taking care of them are their parents.

        Now I do consider his adoptive parents his parents since they did everything but provide the necessary genetic material to make him.

        But still, I don’t think “You never asked” to be an acceptable reason for them not to be up-front about it. Because the kid might never ask because they might never think they aren’t your biological kid.

        And didn’t Kirito find out while looking for something else and just happened to find about the adoption?

        What if he had never poked his nose into it? When were they planning on telling him? When he was grown? Never? When something medical came up?

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      3. Kirito was indeed looking for something else. Apparently he was curious to see if he could, and hacked his own Juki Net account; supposedly one of the most secure databases in Japan, in canon, because it had the government’s personal info on everyone. So, being a curious but ethical hacker, he hacked his own account. He wasn’t expecting what he found….

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      4. Adding in to the string–yeah, the “you never asked” thing frequently backfires.

        I’ve go cousins who were adopted and raised as siblings to their birth-mother. They were always told they were adopted, but that it didn’t matter. (Girl figured it out before puberty, supposedly based on looking at dad and brother and noticing crazy strong resemblance; son had it explained when he hit 18.)

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