Post-Nano Update: Imagery Start

So far on this fourth round of edits on Seeds of Blood I have edited… one page.


Well. It is the first page, and that is where you have to start really setting the scene so the reader can jump in and know what the heck is going on. Ended up adding about 60 words back in, overall.

It’s not as simple as round 3 edits. On the third round I was finding extra words (and a few stray typos that’d eluded me the first two times) and swatting them, to hopefully tighten the story and imagery up. This time I’m going paragraph by paragraph, line by line, doing my best to determine what needs to be added so readers can see what’s going on. What the characters are like. What little details of the world stick out for each point of view. Each character has a different focus on what is and isn’t important, and that changes what they see.

The book starts with Church’s point of view, in part because what she sees is going to set a lot of the tone for the story: how an ordinary human can take on the supernatural, and hopefully live to tell about it.

…And another reason it starts with our detective is because there’s going to be some inevitable tension here. The techniques a lone Hunter uses to survive aren’t exactly cop-friendly. At least, not when it comes to the whole, “protect, serve, try to bring in suspects alive” aspects of a cop’s job. So what does a moral, ethical law enforcement officer do about that?

It’s not going to be simple. Then again, if someone wanted simple, they probably shouldn’t be a cop….


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