Post-NaNo Update: Farther In

Seventeen pages of Seeds of Blood now edited, with little details added here and there. Hopefully good details. 🙂

At this point in the story most of the details are pretty mundane. (Outside of certain accidental fire-setting stuff.)  Monster-related details should show up soon, but for the moment our heroes are dealing with preparation for the monsters. Along with a few more mundane threats.

(Lawyers. Eep.)

And heh. I’m still finding a word or two to cut here and there; not much, but… well, you never know what will jump out at you from a clean printout.

In case someone wants to give me the fishy eye about innocent trees – well, I end up using the back of drafts to scribble new first drafts. And not all trees are innocent….




14 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Farther In

  1. Re: Trees. I’m reminded of certain events from my childhood. I’ve been a contrarian jerk for a very long time. If I don’t like the means used to convince me, I may hold strongly to the opposite. I dislike trees.

    I’m suspect a fair amount of pulp comes from weed trees that grow up really fast, and are not exactly a loss when they are cut down. I want to say Poplar.

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  2. Save the trees! I saw the movie where we humans were mean to them and they got their revenge! I don’t want the Whomping Willow after me! O.o

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  3. I would like to see one good bit of fiction (outside of JAG or Law & Order) depict lawyers as the good guys. Call me a devil’s advocate, but lawyers are kind of critical to laws //working//.

    The good, moral, ethical ones, anyway. Because slag it, lawyering is just like sanitation. //Someone’s// gotta rake through the crap to keep things running.

    …side note: One of the new books that popped into my You Might Like This queue was one about a Van Helping doctor who runs a general practice for things that go bump in the night. (At least the non-man eating variety.) All I could think of was how Myrrh would be all over that office with heavy explosives.


    1. And yet, we know from Coral’s example that there are “monsters” who just want to get along. And Myrrh seems to have no problem with them. Heh. Imagining someone, maybe one of the Fae (since they love stories/songs) who decided they want to keep humanity around because Broadway and Netflix. Or maybe a sad Siren who doesn’t allow herself to sing, but has managed lifetime tickets at the local Opera house…

      And yeah, would be nice to see more good, or at least decent, lawyers be noticed/mentioned. Heh. Given that they work with a structure of rules, that might do really well as a specialized type of magic. (Working most effectively when the letter and spirit of the law are aligned.)

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  4. There’s more than one way to recycle. I make oregami out of scratch paper when I’m bored, or testing a new design… don’t want to waste the good stuff on something I might mess up

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  5. “Outside of certain accidental fire-setting stuff.” – Poor Aidan still seems to be having control issues. To be fair though Aariel probably focused more on “here are the ways to best direct your power now I’m going to throw you at some low level demons so you learn” and less “in the frankly tiny chance you are ever back on Earth this is how you regulate it so you don’t fry things”.

    And preparation is always good! Always have a plan… then a few more contingencies, and the ability to adapt on the fly when something inevitably goes wrong.

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    1. That and things on earth can be surprisingly easy to burn. Poor guy.

      Myrrh likes plans. And backup plans. And… well, you get the idea. There’s a reason she still exists, despite being horribly well known in certain lower circles.


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