Post-NaNo Update: Shocking

Brief, because of (mutter mutter grumble) localized lightning storm. But thirty pages of Seeds of Blood have now been touched up. And I’ve found my “how do you format the document for book size” instructions.

…No, I don’t remember how to do that from book to book. *Wry G* Each time publishing things kind of white out on me, as I focus on “do X, then Y, then Z to get it into the right shape.” Maybe if I get faster and put out more books in a year…

I do hope to get faster. I have two books out now; once I have three, it’ll look like I’m doing this on purpose. 😉

3 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Shocking

  1. Practice makes improvement.

    I’ve come back to plotting now that I’ve got the headspace for it again. Little frustrating, but noticing problems is part way to solving them, and it is also fun.

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