Post-NaNo Update: Scene of the Crime

A quarter of the way through this editing round on Seeds of Blood!

Pity Church’s long-suffering Captain Sherman. She’s making use of the fact that Church is currently on administrative leave (from shooting werewolves in Net, go figure) to make sure two crazy… er, somewhat temporally displaced supernatural experts have someone to ride herd on them.

This… may not turn out like Sherman hoped.

(So far we’ve had run-ins with the NCBI, the coroner, the fire department….)

I’m reminded of a quote from Chief Clifford, “Do we still have that bottle of pills marked ‘McCloud’?”

Doing my best to make sure everything remains on the legal side, though. 😉 Because part of this story is, “Okay, supernatural creatures demand legal citizenship rights. So now what does law enforcement do?”

*Crosses fingers, knocks on wood!*


5 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Scene of the Crime

  1. Load up on silver-based pepper spray and -all- possible religious iconography? Think enough crosses,amulets ect to stop a needle,let alone a bullet.Inspiration from Pyramid Scheme and Bes’s introduction.

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