Earring Tales: Leaf Season

Because “Accessory Pigments Earrings” would probably give the wrong impression to non-botanists.

Leaf Season3

Accessory pigments being the other pigments besides green chlorophyll that soak up different wavelengths of energy and transfer them for better photosynthesis. They’re the source of the colors in the fall, since plants tend to break down the key components of chlorophyll and store them for spring.

“Seeds of Blood” takes place during what’s locally called leaf season in North Carolina; the time of year when the forests of the Blue Ridges are changing color, and the hills are alive with tourists.

…Perfect time for mayhem of the magical kind….


Leaf Season Earrings.


8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Leaf Season

    1. *Thumbs up!*

      We’re in our own tourist season down on the Gulf, and the traffic – and numbers of people in grocery stores – is enough to make one seriously reconsider homicide, indeed.

      (Too… many… people….)


  1. I read the first line, saw the picture, and went “ooh, anthocyanins, lutein, carotenes, xanthophylls!” In my defense, I used to work in a lab studying plant pigments.

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