Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Traveling

“We have a Winterfest in Aincrad, as well.”

Kirito cast her a shy look. “I’m sorry, Lady Stheno. Tae told us some stories about Connlan.” He shook his head, conscious of the down-light weight of feathers. “I didn’t mean to bring back bad memories.”

“I don’t have bad memories of Connlan.” The seer’s face might have been graven from stone. “I have grieved his death for years. I wish that he had not died. That the Karrnathi had never cast their curse. That I and Yui and Euryale were not the few survivors of a once-proud youkai race. But he died to keep death from spreading to all the waters of Aincrad, and I will not let my grief take me from the land he loved.” Clawed fingers plucked at a silken sleeve, as if chasing invisible lint. “I’ve been exploring some of the admin capabilities. Particularly those involved in generating new quests.”

Kirito blinked, thinking that over. “You want someone to test one of your quests?”

The medusa inclined her head. “It seems that, so long as it is for a quest, a youkai lord may use any of their magic to affect a player. Even some of the most dangerous powers. Such as, for example, a seer’s power to let a questioner’s spirit walk the light of vision to seek the truth. Even on other planes.”


25 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch8 bit – Traveling

  1. So a way to invite players to the real Aincrad? In one way, it would destabilize some dragon’s plans, in other ways it would tie some players more strongly to Eberron.

    And that loophole is going to be very useful.

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      1. Of course it can’t be an explicit invitation 🙂 And most likely only few people will be aware of the quest, and it is at the discretion of the quest-giver where they end up. And there are nasty planes out there…

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  2. Wow. I haven’t really seen a case where I could point out a correction like this before, with your work.
    “That I and Yui and Euryale” should actually be “That Yui and Euryale and I”. The “I” gets moved to the end of the list in that particular sentence construction.

    Anyway, this is an interesting loophole to exploit. I wonder how far it can go? “Low level quest, Explore Your Surroundings: only available to low level players, giving them some experience with the workings of the world and magic by having them actually practice them, including receiving buffs from friendly spellcasters. It’s just a nice side-effect that those buffs are powerful enough to make getting their first couple levels a cakewalk.”

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  3. So is this going to be a Dr. Strange style astral walk with maybe partial interactivity or more dreamlike ‘just checking up on people’ or actually legit waking up, at least temporarily, or what? Can’t wait to find out!

    Also, is it just me or does anyone else keep getting a ‘this is probably the last one for chapter eight’ feeling and then another bit from chapter eight comes out? Pretty sure it’s just because they’ve been interspersed regularly with Kubaneri bits but I can’t shake the idea that chapter eight is going to be massively long when the full chapter is released.

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    1. I KNOW! sorry. It kinda feels like Vathara is the spooky monster in the shadows that you see out of the corner of your eye and then just when you are gearing up to read a chapter all you end up doing is jumping and not getting any result. And there it is again…

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      1. >
        Shenanigans ensue as Kirito tries to contact Suguha. Unfortunately he does so while she’s sleeping and the center stage of her current dream REALLY shouldn’t involve her brother.

        And no, it wasn’t a nightmare. 😉
        Fortunately for Suguha’s potential complexes, she just shrugs the abnormality off as being caused by something she ate last night.

        Kirito on the other hand, well there are things an older brother would really prefer to be unaware of regarding their little sister.
        Stheno: “Problems?”
        Kirito: (Completely beat red) “Bad time, Very bad time. I’ll call her back later.”

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      2. >
        Amaterasu: “Oh so that’s where all of you were whisked away to. Thank you my dear child, you’ve been quite helpful.”
        Kirito: “Wut?”

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  4. Or Friendly/human adjusted Eldritch Abomination.Ex: Nyaruko, from Hayorei Nyaruko. Think possible club of Eldritch Schoolgirls.(Might be scarier than normal version)

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  5. It seems you’re going in a completely different direction, but the first thought I had was “Visions of home.” Not sure if it’d be allowed or not, or if it’d be wise, but a lot of people would probably kill to check in on loved ones.

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