Sweeten Ch2 bit – Reflection

“Back in Aragane, when that man panicked – you didn’t shoot him.”

“There were others shooting,” Kurusu observed dryly. “If he’d approached the Yomogawa family-”

“Then you would have had a reason to shoot him,” Ikoma stated. “If he’d headed that way, I would have stopped him. With a wrench.”

Kurusu drew back a hair, startled. “But you said-”

“That those suspected of being Kabane are quarantined for three days. That’s the law. He was terrified. But he wasn’t attacking anyone. He could have been fine. Or he could have been infected. I just wanted people to wait.” Ikoma gave him a sober look. “I wanted him to live. I tried to give him a chance. But if he had attacked someone… I’m not crazy.” He took a deep breath. “You’re crazier than I am. After – what I almost did to Ayame….”

Mumei crossed her arms, and shook her head at both of them. “I told you you were Kabaneri. What did you think you needed? It was obvious.”

You need to drink blood is not obvious,” Ikoma muttered. “Kurusu. It doesn’t mean much, but – I am sorry. I’ll never let that happen again.”

“No, you will not,” Kurusu agreed. Reached out, and tapped Ikoma’s chest, just a fraction in from where a drugged Mumei had planted her knife two horrid nights ago. “Because I know the heart that lives here, and the mind that rules it.”

That drew a flinch. “Kurusu….”

“The Kabane in this body has never killed,” Kurusu stated. “It has never bitten. It has never inflicted the virus on another. It is your heart, as the sword is the heart of the bushi. And just as that sword… it is a manslayer.”

Ikoma wasn’t quite gaping at him. But he’d never seen the steamsmith’s eyes so startled.

“I wish we had the lord’s library from Aragane,” Kurusu went on. “It would help you, to read the works of bushi from ages past, when all our enemies were human. You would see your own reflection. Every samurai has known that part of him is like even the most depraved of enemies. Every bushi must fear that part, and learn to come to terms with it.”

Ikoma’s jaw set. “It’s not the same.”

“No,” Kurusu agreed, deadpan. “If bushi spread by biting we’d have to throw all of Kongokaku off before they infected our townsfolk with stupidity.”


25 thoughts on “Sweeten Ch2 bit – Reflection

  1. true, zombies would not be the worst horror to be bitten by if anything could be spread by biting.

    like Dumbledore who was bitten by a radioactive manipulator.

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  2. I think Ikoma clarifies here a good point-his struggle to protect the runner in first episode was to give the man a chance-to put him in quarantine, and not kill outright. to give him a chance.

    Ikoma’s jaw set. “It’s not the same.”

    “No,” Kurusu agreed, deadpan. “If bushi spread by biting we’d have to throw all of Kongokaku off before they infected our townsfolk with stupidity.”

    and Kurusu shows a sense of humor again-next thing you know, they will have Kabane who aren’t aggressive zombies

    Oh, wait, we have Kabaneri…

    and i wonder, just what stupidity from kongokaku we are about the witness…

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    1. Ep 6. Kurusu does have a sense of humor. It’s just usually hidden. 😉

      And yes. Ikoma goes a long way to try and give people a chance. Which, see what happens to the rescuing bushi in the opening minutes of the first ep. Altruism in Kabaneri usually didn’t end well… until Ikoma came up with superior firepower!

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  3. >
    Mumei crossed her arms, and shook her head at both of them. “I told you you were Kabaneri. What did you think you needed? It was obvious.”
    And here we see just how normal being a Kabaneri is for Mumei. Things we consider to be insane are just matter of fact to her.

    Come to think of it, was it ever outlined just how young she was when Biba’s doctors turned her into a Kabaneri? Because it’s entirely possible she’s been one for the majority of her entire life which helps explain her befuddlement over the fact that people don’t actually know about XYZ.

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      1. Well the only references to her age that I can find are the Wikia and her MyAnimeList entry.

        According to them, she’s supposed to be currently twelve.

        Based on a reddit thread, the creators mentioned this fact in an interview (and apparently n a book of character designs but I can’t read Japanese so can’t confirm).

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      2. And Kurusu’s age is officially listed as 17, despite looking like he should be in his early-20s instead. Clearly people grow up faster in that setting.

        Which makes a certain amount of sense, if you think about it: Most feudal societies typically considered a child’s coming-of-age at a much younger age than our society does now – feudal Japan, just for example, held a samurai’s Genpuku at 15.

        The kinds of responsibilities expected of an adult, both physical and mental… It would only be logical for their bodies to mature more quickly, spurred on by such responsibilities.

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      3. Which several bio studies have shown can happen, indeed.

        And yes. From the various characters, especially Uryuu and Sukari, I’d estimate that Kabaneri uses the “15 is pretty much adult” standard. Take a look at Uryuu’s facial structure; he’s still in his mid-teens!

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  4. “If he’d headed that way, I would have stopped him. With a wrench.”

    That moment when Kurusu realizes that he and Ikoma might have a few more things in common than he first thought.

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  5. Awesome scene. I love these Ikoma/Kurusu bonding moments. I also like that it’s finally been pointed out in story that Mumei really should have given Ikoma a heads-up about the blood craving thing. I get that she’s a very young teen and that she has a lot of difficulty stepping outside the twisted worldview Biba set her up with, but really Mumei? Really?
    Come to think of it, someone should really get Mumei to sit down and tell them everything she learned about Kabane and Kabaneri. She has this nasty habit of not bringing things up until someone asks her or they become relevant, partially because these things just seem so obvious to her. Who knows what else she might have picked up as Biba’s “little sister”?

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  6. if Kurusu heard the comment Kajika made, plus this snippet, he might be realizing that Ikoma knows why Ayame needs to be kept safe, if not from the Bushi Standpoint.
    Remember that Ikoma’s childhood station fell? “No adults around to help” might have included the lord dying.
    The only thing the wiki(http://koutetsujou-no-kabaneri.wikia.com/wiki/Ikoma) says is that it fell when Ikoma was 12, he traveled some time, and is currently 17.
    depending on the circumstances – given that it never says how ikoma escaped the station – whether it be by Hayajiro or not (which would be an even more interesting quest/story – how bad is the countryside in terms of kabane per mile/meter square the further you get from the tracks/station/source of food[for kabane]), and how long he traveled/who he traveled with – he might very well know that the only thing keeping them somewhat safe is that Ayame is alive and with them.
    As it is, i’m wondering if they will eventually get the idea, and room/train cars, necessary to try either 1)Hydroponics (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydroponics) – which had books published in 1627 – and they figured out how in 1859-1875 in Germany,
    2( Aquaponics (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquaponics) hydroponics combined with fish farming, apparently leading to less waste as the plants would consume the nutrients created by the fish and was praticed in 13th century China with rice, so would have had more than enough time to migrate/be stolen to Hinomoto
    3)vertical farming(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertical_farming), the last of which is doubtful, as wikipedia comments that it started around the 1950’s and not before, but might be used in the stations to help produce food as Hinomoto page on the wiki (http://koutetsujou-no-kabaneri.wikia.com/wiki/Hinomoto) claims that the Hayajiro are transproted “agricultural Products”

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    1. Actually, when vertical farming started depends on how you define it. Some people take it all the way back to espaliered trees against walls.

      If you look at ep 3, with the train curled around the watertower, you can see there’s a limit to how many more cars they can add and be able to get out of a wye in a hurry. So… how to live, and how much space they have to do it, is going to be a matter of intense discussion!

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      1. and, at a minimum they can add at least one, which was lost to the fused colony in shitori, and seemed to be empty, with only Ikoma and Mumei in it.

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