Earring Tales: Royal Garnet

You may guess that I got some new beads.  😉

Royal Garnet5One of the colors I got was galvanized lemon. So… yellow/gold attack!

Have to admit part of the motive was just to do something that’d use yellow niobium earwires. I usually get an assortment of colors from Rio Grande, it’s one of the least expensive ways to do it, but that means I may end up with a lot extra of colors I don’t use as often. Currently I have a lot of extra yellow, dark blue, and purple earwires. Green and aqua are the ones I end up using a lot, with magenta showing up behind them.

(In case anyone’s wondering, when it comes to cost of materials, the earwires are far and away the most expensive part. Getting reliably hypoallergenic metals is not cheap!)

I think these are pretty classy, but they are a little more flashy than I’d originally intended. Someone I trade emails with suggested maybe if the chevrons were pearly white it’d work better. Thoughts, suggestions?


Royal Garnet earrings.


13 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Royal Garnet

    1. That also, now that you mention it. Actually, given what I recall seeing in one of the English volumes about early ideas for Magi, I wouldn’t be surprised if the purple was chosen on purpose.

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  1. I have to hold my tongue on my first thoughts, because I don’t actually know what Roman law permitted the wives of patricians and senators to wear.

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  2. honestly, I do think the mirrored white (?) of the chevrons are a bit too close to the shiny shiny gold–as in, it took me a second to make the chevrons out in the first place. I think either a more blatant color difference or a different finish to differentiate them would work a bit better. YMMV on how much of that is the photo, though…

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    1. The chevrons are a bit close to the outline and it leaves the purple as the only color that really stands out. Everything else kinda fades into sameness.


  3. The garnet looks purple on my monitor, so my first thought is if you made diamonds in a green that same intensity, framing the center purple, you’d have Mardi Gras earrings. 🙂


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