Monstrous Compendium Ch 8 up on AO3

Monstrous Compendium Chapter 8, “Winterfest Event”, is up on Archive of Our Own. 

Also, officially past the halfway point on this round of edits on Seeds of Blood. Onward!


23 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch 8 up on AO3

  1. I foresee that little loophole mentioned at the end of the chapter as baiting a certain dragon right in the behind. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    Of course, since Murphy loves to make things not entirely according to plan (they are only allowed mostly according to plan. If they are lucky. Usually.) – also as aforementioned, Kayaba probably isn’t the only one with a Cunning Plan running . . . . so partial derailment of master plan in the hit him where it hurts variety and “Wow, we managed not to die!” “I know! Amazing!” might be the best they can hope for.

    Not saying our heroes aren’t good but if thwarting dragons was easy, everyone would do it. And while you can call said dragon an arrogant sadist bastard (but I repeat myself), you can’t call him stupid so not at all easy.

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  2. the cearlous was revealed as a dragon as well. is he another ‘Youkai lord’/extra player, or an npc?
    if he is not npc, what does he think of Beniryou and his plan?

    and that last part -about stheno making a quest,visiting other planes-was precious. earth could be counted as another plane, letting Kazuto a glimpse of home. of what happens in the real world on their side, while the players are trapped.

    great chapter. and i d

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  3. With more context I now have a feeling that Stheno’s quest will involve Kirito speaking to his parents and sister and (hopefully) putting some of those demons to rest.

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      1. >
        I suspect someone will notice what Kirito does. 😉
        Bloody typical of the dice gods. Oh you gets lots of 15s and even crits on the rolls but when you really need to make that stealth roll?

        Can’t roll anything above a 5.

        Though on the general subject of magic, technology+magic and loads of fluff, did you ever have a chance to watch Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha?

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      2. >
        No, not yet on Nanoha.
        Pity. I liked the show for four reasons.
        1. Sufficiently advanced magic all over the place.
        2. The characters were likable.
        3. The various ‘villains’ had deeper goals then just ‘drain energy/conquer the world/for the Evilz.
        4. Unlike many ‘magical girl’ MCs, Nanoha didn’t go through the cliche resenting the Call etc that you see over and over.

        What she did instead to quote another viewer wasn’t so much “leaped at the call” as “mugged the call, hog tied it, riffled through its pockets for spare change and useful clues, and then drug its limp body off to be buried next to Jimmy Hoffa.” 🙂

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  4. Asuna almost had him with the preening. I want to say “poor Klein,” but his interruption of her first chance to groom Kirito the way she really wants to means he’s probably earned it. I loved the way she went straight for the feathers with well hidden glee.

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    1. Wonderful as usual. I do have to pipe up due to extensive D&D geekery and mention – One of the /other/ things about D&D Revenants – in every edition I own Revenants are completely and totally unkillable. They will only die when the object of their hatred dies, and nothing else will work (permanently). You can temporarily defeat them, and it lasts for, usually until the next dawn. Then they pull themselves back together, regenerate and start chasing that thing again. Disintegration does not work. Wish spells do not work (unless you wished their target dead). Immolation and dumping them in your garden variety portable black hole …still does not work. They’re pretty scary.

      So players (Kirito) can look forward to many Christmas events to come.

      More than four PC groups of my acquaintance have gamed this by the careful application of Raise Dead /post/ encounter, (Which probably says a lot about PC groups in general and reminds me of the Bleach/D&D crossover bits.), but who does undead father Christmas primarily hate?

      Kabaya /ought/ to think about such things -having an essentially immortal undead after you is just the sort of thing that gets dragons actually killed, and he’s creating plenty of hatred here – but, red dragon ego, he’s not concerned.

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