Sweeten Ch2 bit – Biba was what?

A/N: Er, spoiler alert for ep 12….

“You mean – they think-!” Mumei was sputtering, half a breath from balling up fists and finding someone to punch. “We shot the Kabane! They saw it!”

“They don’t realize what the sparks mean,” Kurusu informed her. “Those of Kongokaku don’t believe our people when they tell them those Kabane are dead. When we tell them we left because it was prudent, because we did not know if the horde outnumbered our bullets – they see only that we fled.” And that did rouse fury, a gnawing cold rage he’d never had to deal with before. To be doubted as a liar, to his face-!

“Then we’ll have to prove it.” Ikoma frowned, thinking. “Some way that doesn’t get people killed.”

“If there is one,” Kurusu agreed. “But what they think does not matter. What Elder Dogen thinks affects Kongokaku folk. Not those of Aragane. Never forget. On the Koutetsujou, Aragane lives; and you are ours.”

“I… want to believe you.” Ikoma took a deep breath, and sighed. “It’s hard to shake the gloom. Like the whole world is gray and cold.”

“We don’t have the medicine.” Mumei straightened. “Koutetsujou blood helps, but I wish we had medicine too.”

Kurusu tensed. Medicine? For Kabaneri?

From the sudden intent look on Ikoma’s face, the steamsmith hadn’t heard about this either. “What medicine?”

“The one the doctors made, to help keep us from becoming Kabane,” Mumei said plainly. “I wonder how much we really need. Maybe Brother… maybe Biba never got enough.”

“Biba?” Kurusu asked, startled. Did she truly mean-?

“Oh. You were there too late.” Mumei turned to Ikoma. “But you tore his shirt open. Didn’t you see his heart?”

“Near the end, I couldn’t see anything.” Ikoma shuddered. “I felt you inside the Kabane steel. I – I think I followed your scent through the maze. Then everything went black.” He stared at her. “Biba was a Kabaneri?”


17 thoughts on “Sweeten Ch2 bit – Biba was what?

  1. Again, with the casual drop of information there Mumei.

    At some point, they going to need her to tell them everything she knows about Kabaneri and such.

    Or simply get to realize that something that might be obvious to you might not be obvious to someone else.

    Don’t think she’s used to dealing with people who don’t already know a lot of the stuff she knows. ‘Cause there can be a lot in your life that is so normal to you that part of you believes that it’s universal – everyone knows that or does that so I don’t have to explain it – until you run into someone who has never heard of it or seen anyone do the thing.

    She’s not alone in that particular boat. There is some stuff about being a bushi and things that Kurusu knows that he just realized that he has to explain to people like Ikoma because it’s outside their realm of experience. (Example, Kurusu won’t have to explain why or that they have to protect Lady Ayame to another bushi – they would know). And vice versa.

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  2. Problem is in trying to regain that knowledge, they have to mess around with Kabane, something no one Sane would want to so. Unless its something that can be distilled from the kabane bits and pieces they can collect from the train. Biba’s group proves that dealing with “live” kabane is possible to some extent, if the proper draconian safety/containment procedures are employed.

    After Biba destroyed Kongokaku though, anybody found to be experimenting with Kabane are going to be highly suspect (if not ‘kill on sight’), depending on how far knowledge of what Biba did gets spread.

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    1. Honestly I think one of the biggest losses from Biba’s mad scheme (after all the innocent lives) was his research. Yes, he was using it to make Nue, but think of what could have been done with what he learned in the process by someone saner, like Ikoma? They might have a vaccine by now! (I doubt there will ever be a “cure” for fully-turned Kabane besides a bullet to the head, those bodies look very, very dead to me)

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  3. Another major, spoiler-y detail from Ep. 12? Three times now, I’ve watched that episode, and not ONCE did I see blue sparks come out of that wound Biba took at Mumei’s hands.

    Not only that, but the rocks that fell on top of his body as the Koutetsujou was escaping? Significantly less than the rocks that fell on top of Mumei at Yashiro Station… and we all know full well, how much damage she DIDN’T take from that.

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    1. Point of order: Haven’t seen the show, so do not fully understand the significance of what you are saying. So saying that everyone has complete knowledge is perhaps slightly incorrect. I do infer that the stage is set for Biba to be still alive for the next cour. (Did the other dead Kabaneri have blue sparks? (Wasn’t it Horobi?))

      I’ll offer up two cheery thoughts in exchange for that one.

      The star gate may alter more language than just speech. Perhaps Jack and Teal’c do not have Sam and Daniel’s dating luck only because they date less actively. (And perhaps Jaffa mores are more tolerant of gate travel abnormalities mangling cues.)

      My bunnies are currently insisting that a zombie Pyrrha Nikos is a viable solution to a multicross problem involving RWBY.

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      1. I’m not sure if Horobi had sparks or not. Either way, after all the trouble Kurusu had with Biba threatening Ayame (and everyone else), I know he would have made sure the guy was dead.

        …Not to mention Mumei put steel right through his heart. That should definitely do it.

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      1. Eh, my intent was to point out the bunny, nothing more. Your choice, whether to shoot it or let it breed.

        As it is, just confirmed that Horobi didn’t throw heart-sparks either, so said bunny could be completely off base, anyway.

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      2. That said, though, it IS notable that we never get to actually witness the (supposedly) lethal wound itself – no matter what, Biba’s cloak is always blocking our view.

        Then combined with the skill Mumei already showed not two episodes before, making it look like she’d heart-shotted Ikoma while in fact just barely missing?

        Yeah, at this point, it’s obvious the whole scene is just one big Sequel Hook. Too damned ambiguous to be anything BUT.

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      3. True, however we’ve also already established that Mumei is… very child-like, in certain ways. Not as wise to the ways of the world as she’d like to believe she is.

        She could have very well thought that STOPPING Biba didn’t necessarily mean having to kill him.


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