Post-NaNo Update: Of Pages and Blurbs

I now have a rough draft for the back cover blurb of Seeds of Blood. I think it covers everything that absolutely needs to be in there. *Knocks on wood.* I’ve sent it to my beta-readers so they can kibitz and say, “But you need to mention X!”

As far as edits go, I’ve gotten up through page 222 of what’s currently 292 pages. Bear in mind that’s still in 8.5×11″ document page format, not the 6×9″ book page format, so I do not have a final page count, yet. Book format also includes making sure chapter headings are properly set off, etc., etc., so… based on how long Count Taka was, I can roughly estimate that Seeds of Blood should end up between 300-400 pages. I think.

It’s still about 118K words; some got cut during edits, a little bit got added for imagery and clarity. And I added some bits to the Author’s Notes at the end for sources, with a few sentences of explanation of something that comes up in-story that, while something readers might want to know about, wouldn’t be discussed by the characters themselves given the time crunch they’re working under.

Which actually relates to a bit in the current section I’m editing: Aidan deciding he doesn’t have time to angst. The situation is complicated and messy and breaking his heart and he will worry about some parts of it later. They’re kinda busy right now. 😉

(Busy includes werewolves. The werewolves will probably regret this.)


8 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Of Pages and Blurbs

  1. …I might actually have to read this book, if only for the novelty of a character realizing that no, they can’t just stop in the middle of a crisis/battle to angst over something or other and expect the enemies not to take the time to attack. They have to kill things first before they can deal with Emotional Things. XD I wish you the best of luck on your writing (and the back-cover blurb – the only stories I’ve finished are anthology-length submissions for magazine/collection consideration so the summaries weren’t that long, LOL)! 🙂

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  2. Pragmatic Heroes for the Win!

    You don’t see enough of heroes putting stuff not related to not dying into a little box marked “Later.”

    Or if they do, them actually dealing with it when it is Later. Later is almost always after it blows up and bites them in the behind. Okay, not dealing with stuff you need to deal with until you have absolutely no choice can be part of someone’s character for reasons that make sense of that character (career, upbringing, stoic personality, etc, etc) . . . or because they don’t have anyone trustworthy enough in their lives to help them with it . . . I can understand relcuntance to deal with the thing. Or you just aren’t really to deal with the thing.

    Can understand not getting to it when said hero has barely caught his breath from Crisis A before being dropped into Crisis B and Crisis C. Some authors don’t give their heroes enough down time.

    Anyway, still need heroes who remember “Survive first, everything else later.”

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  3. On one hand, it is nice to see characters getting their priorities right. On the other hand, poor little fire lion. He was already a bit heartbreaking. Good thing he has Myrrh.

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