Earring Tales: Magenta Twilight

Ooo, I am very happy with these.

Magenta Twilight3

The reddest beads are magenta Duracoat Delicas. While the opaque Duracoat beads are pretty eh to me, the silver-lined and transparent ones are really pretty. The thicker coating gives a depth to the shimmer that regular Delicas don’t have, and it also feels nice between my fingers – smooth, but not slick. When you spend hours at a time handling beads, this is not an insignificant thing.

I’m hoping the different finishes give a good impression of the variety of colors that can be in a twilight sky, especially if there are clouds involved.


Magenta Twilight earrings.


10 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Magenta Twilight

  1. They are stunning! I would wear those in a heartbeat. They really capture the beauty of a twilight sky. In my opinion, you make some of the loveliest bead earrings. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. Very nice! You definitely captured that moment right after the sun goes down, when everything is still lit by the last glow of the day. Feels very summer-y.

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  3. Nice- although, I somehow misread the title one my phone. Thought it said Mage Light. You can probably imagine the confusion involved in that one.

    Maybe a soft yellow center that shades out to a really dark blue? I don’t think I’ve seen a design done like that yet.

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