Post-NaNo Update: Of fight scenes and chapter breaks

About 35 pages to edit on this round in Seeds of Blood. After that I’ll start formatting to book-sized pages and see if my beta-readers point out anything that still needs fixing. Hoping to get a preview of the cover art sometime this coming week.

One of the formatting bits that will take some thought is where to put chapter breaks. There’s a fairly long and complicated fight scene at the end of the story, and I’ll need to poke it carefully to see if I should break the chapter in two in any particular spot.

…Very long. Very complicated. Lots of characters that had to be kept track off, lots of magic thrown around, landscape wreckage galore. A movie director would probably threaten to strangle me and try to reduce the number of actors. Tough. These were the characters that’d be here at this point in the story, none of them are willing to run, so there.

A Hollywood director would probably also sputter at the weird lore that comes up in the fight. Hee hee hee…..


14 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Of fight scenes and chapter breaks

  1. Argh. The project I’m trying to get a handle on has a bunch of fights in the same area, and I’m going to have to populate the area with features and keep track of what gets destroyed when, aren’t I? (One of the setting details introduced early is that it is decades into a future where civil defense paranoiacs had a lot of funding to work with. And the timeline is alternate going back decades, so I’d need imagination anyways even if I knew the geography and architectural history. Luckily this project takes enough liberties with physics and engineering that I won’t feel very bad about not having the technical expertise to do all the work myself.)

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    1. This would be one reason I picked a relatively open spot to destroy. *G*

      Sometimes it helps to rough-sketch a map and move bits around to represent characters? “X is swinging from the chandelier here, then it gets zapped and falls to the floor….”


      1. Part of things is that I haven’t plotted the whole thing out, and do not know how many fights I may be having in the area. Long term design intent is to eventually develop the tech to switch to offensive rather than defensive operations. If it is dozens of fights before that, I may need some fancier work to handle things than I had anticipated before. If a dozen, maybe not. I’ve already planned to lay out 3-5 fights in the area that predate any developed plan of offense. So, first step is rethinking my plotting.

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      2. The story which was the major inspiration had mundane and super disaster response and repair teams. (But not on the level of the super repair team in GaoGaiGar. At least, not at the where the story left off last I saw.)

        The author seems to have had the insight that someone who knows the secrets and remains a devout Christian could be an interesting contrast in a Lovecraft/Evangelion fanfic. That character was particularly driven to help people, which is why he tended to do disaster recovery and repair work when he didn’t have more pressing things to deal with. Hence a theme of the story. In fact, the very first scene of the story, which may be after his death, his brothers in arms pull a couple from rubble, then one of them reverses time to put the building back before it was wrecked.


      3. In regards to Super Repair Crews, you might want to check out the premise of the video game Viscera Clean-up Detail. As the name suggests, you’re playing as the janitor cleaning up the mess the heroes have left after dealing with the Disaster of the Week. The thing that makes it work is that there’s plenty of notes and datapads scattered around that give a pretty good idea about what led to the disaster happening… you can also take things to your office from the clean up maps…


  2. Do everything looks like we’re still on for a September release? Awesome! I’ll probably buy this three times, one hard copy, one for my personal Kindle account, one for the family. Depends how my funds go. I’m having mystery problems with the car right now, so maybe not the Family account.

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  3. If the fight scene is exciting enough to keep the readers attention the entire time, a chapter break may not be necessary.

    Heck, I’ve read novel-length books where there were no chapter breaks at all, and the reading experience was better for it.

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