Earring Tales: Tropical Sunset

Less complicated, but hopefully pretty. 🙂

Tropical Sunset2

Deliberately used different finishes in the different colors because I was trying to give the impression of clouds streaking the sunset and the darkening twilight.

…Yes, there’s a stray bead. Dunno how it snuck in there. 😉

Tropical Sunset earrings.



8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Tropical Sunset

  1. Ugh, I hate it when that happens! I’m usually making necklaces or bracelets that are one strand, so I usually restring it when I catch those because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. (I get the impression that these take much longer to make than the things I work on though, so I completely understand not wanting to redo them) There is nothing more annoying than realizing that I’m going to have to redo an hour or two of work.
    These earrings are lovely though. The colors are fantastic!

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  2. Very pretty! That splash of reddish orange really makes the whole thing pop. Definitely the eye draw of the piece. And I didn’t even notice the loner bead, but things happen. Like discovering you made a wrong stitch about three rows back and it’s messing you up now. So you have to rip out all the rows. All of them between you and them.

    Actually this is a lovely way to spend the early hours of the morning. Looking at beautiful jewelry and listening to the rain fall outside my window. No walk for me this morning, I can’t handle two puppies and an umbrella.

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      1. I shall remember so! Maybe if they aren’t bought by the time my finances level out a little, I can save some up and buy them. ^^

        I really do like seeing your earrings. They’re very creative. Thank you for posting them.

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