Post-NaNo Update: Give Me Proof

I’ve ordered the proof copy of Seeds of Blood. Mind, it’s still going to be at least 2 weeks, more like 3, before I can publish. There are reasons for that.

The main reason being the LCCN – Library of Congress Control Number.

This is the number U.S. libraries use when they request a book off the list of books published. So if you’re hoping to get libraries to grab your book and put it on the shelves, you need to get one.

CreateSpace will jump through all the hoops to get you one, for a fee. And I plan to do just that, when I have time to be on the phone tomorrow during their business hours. But it does take several business days to get the number. And you can’t approve your final proof until you get that number to add to the book, or it will be published without an LCCN and you can’t go back and fix it.

But I don’t need the LCCN to check over the proof copy, so I’ll probably be doing that while the bureaucratic wheels grind.

*Crosses fingers, knocks on wood.*

9 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Give Me Proof

    1. Actually, the LCCN means that if you ask the library to get such-and-such book, it will be on the list of books they acknowledge exist. So you don’t need the number; the book needs to have the number so libraries will be able to look it up and say, “Oh, there it is, we can buy it.” 🙂

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