Post-NaNo Update: Numbered

…Well, not yet. But the LCCN has been ordered! So the paperwork, filing stuff with the Library of Congress, etc., has begun.

Based on past experience, I’m expecting it to take most of two weeks to get that done. That should be enough time for the proof copy to get here and let me tear through it for any last-minute details that jump out at me, as well as check over the eBook file version I have as needed.

So. Once I have the LCCN and the proof all checked, I’ll still need to add the LCCN to the interior book file, make a new book PDF, and resubmit that for approval. Because that’s how it works. 😉

Best ETA for Seeds of Blood at this point in time: about three weeks, all told.

Fingers crossed, knocking on wood….


8 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Numbered

  1. \o/
    … now to continue my mental debate about getting all of your books as solely paperback or both paperback and ebook…
    I prefer reading it as paperback, but ebook is just so much more convenient…
    Already have signed versions of your other two…

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  2. Regular updates work fine too. I am sooo looking forward to reading Seeds of Blood. I will just have to re-read Net of Dawn and Bones this weekend.

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