Dragons and Color Experiments

Thankfully we only got rain and thunderstorms from outer bands of Hurricane Harvey. Quite enough to set off the nerves of anyone who lived through Ivan, I assure you. So… mostly just have some random thoughts.

First – I actually have 12 different shades of yellow that look good together. Occurs to me I could make a scale design earring pair in Zeno colors…. Jae-ha and Shin-ah would also be possible, but for Kija I’d need to get 12 good shades of white.

…Well, I need to get more earnuts sometime anyway….

Second thought – when stuck in one setting, sometimes reading something in a different setting but in the same general genre can knock a few things loose. Went and reread some old Parasyte notes, got a few ideas for Kabaneri. Will still take more work to nail down everything for the next story before I start writing, but it’s a start.

Third – What’s really interesting about the silver-lined Duracoat colors is, the thicker coating gives them more of a “gem” appearance, compared to the “metallic” of regular silver-lined Delica beads. Cool.

Hoping everyone stays dry and un-lightning-struck!

4 thoughts on “Dragons and Color Experiments

  1. Hope you’re safe and un-flooded! Be warned, if you have need of plot bunnies, I shall probably be tossing some at you when you least expect it! 😉 I wish you the best of luck on your writing!

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  2. Gas prices are expected to go up with Harvey taking down the Houston capacity. I’m wondering if the facilities in Louisiana were also impacted.

    I haven’t been following things very closely.

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