Seeds of Blood Available on CreateSpace

Okay, here’s the official timeline for when you can get Seeds of Blood.

Physical book version first.

CreateSpace eStore: Immediately. 3-5 Business Days.
Amazon Europe: 3-5 Business Days.
Expanded Distribution channels: 6-8 Weeks.

Currently working on the Kindle Version – takes a bit to import the files. As in, I’ve been working on that most of the morning….

Update: Kindle Version is now in review; site says it’ll take up to 72 hours to check that out and make available to buy on Kindle. So, Kindle version should be available by Tuesday 1 PM Central Time at the latest.Β  πŸ™‚

I’ve also enrolled inΒ Amazon’s Matchbook program, so once the Kindle file is out, for $0.99 more you can get the Kindle file with the paperback of Seeds of Blood when it’s bought through Amazon. Don’t know if that would hold when bought through CreateSpace.


14 thoughts on “Seeds of Blood Available on CreateSpace

  1. PB also already showing up on Amazon, but only with a title search, not author.
    Does buying from Amazon vs Create Space make a difference in how much YOU are paid?

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      1. What happens with the Kindle stuff is, once I convince the site to upload it, it’ll be listed as a separate book on Amazon for the first day or so. Then Amazon will link both pages together. Nothing I can do to speed the linkage up, drat.

        And yay! I went to Mirella Santana, who did the cover for Net; going to have to send her a copy, too…. πŸ™‚

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