Seeds of Blood up on Amazon and Kindle

Okay, this is what I know. Seeds of Blood shows up in both paperback and Kindle versions when you search on Amazon… despite the fact that KDP still says “publishing” and that they’ll email me when it is published.

Here’s where a search turns it up on Kindle: Seeds of Blood.

Here’s where a search turns it up as paperback: Seeds of Blood.

The two aren’t yet linked together on Amazon; that can take another day or so.

So, I… think they’re set to buy? I hope! πŸ™‚

And here’s a sample bit on Archive of Our Own: Seeds of Blood intro.


45 thoughts on “Seeds of Blood up on Amazon and Kindle

  1. Placed my order for a paperback copy earlier today, but I just testing the kindle link. The order went through and a full book downloaded to my iPad, so I’m just gonna have to say Amazon is being dumb about notifying you. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

    Either way, I got a physical book on the way and a digital copy to read now without waiting. Life is good today~

    Thank you!

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  2. Just started reading my Kindle copy! I love it already. Also, am stupid tired, because I just about cracked a rib thinking of how very civil and polite an encounter between Myrrh Shafat and Obi-Wan Kenobi would be. In the middle of a fire fight. I almost wish I could capture that.

    I am stupid tired. But the book is so good……..

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      1. His show is on youtube. You’d probably enjoy his talk on Freedom– it’s a blast to watch a bishop in rather dressy uniform, including the skull-cap, chatting and marking up his chalk board.

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      1. I’ve been eating up pretty much everything you’ve written ever since I was a teen, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it in a very much different way from how I did Net. Variety is the spice of life and all that!

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  3. Looks like it’s already available at my prefered bookstore as well, so a heads up that it seems to be coming out a lot faster then last time. (Though I’ll have to wait til Wednesday to buy, still looking forward to it.)


  4. So I told myself my reward for finally getting around to balancing my budget would be buying this. (I work a lot with spreadsheets, motivating myself to do more after a full day of them is hard.) Budget is balanced now, though and I have the kindle version. πŸ˜€


  5. My latest bunny is all your fault. I saw your manga volume mention in AO3 Seeds’ comments but forgot the title, so when I attempted to find the series at the book store I ended up browsing the entire section. Now I’ve got setting, a few characters and the skeleton of a plot.

    (I’ve been a bit busy, and hadn’t come up with anything good recently.)


  6. Finished the book!

    That was an aweful, aweful pun (2nd use of aweful should be the original “full of awe” definition) at the end. The odds of Church looking online for another one is good… Really don’t want to be around when Aariel figures out how “forged celestial steel” got the forged and celestial bits done in the wrong order. On the other hand, Church is probably firmly in his “Competent Human” category as opposed to the “Stupid Evil” one…

    As someone who lives in Southern California where we have Fire Season instead of Hurricane Season (and whose idea of fun vacations was the time they went to Yellowstone and Mt. St. Helens)… the idea of Aiden and the rest of his (demonic) family showing up is a dose of Nightmare Fuel. Of the volcanoes wake up to say “Hi!” variety… or of the San Andreas Fault twitches in its sleep variety… never mind the wildfires that would break out…

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    1. *EG* Thank you very much. I have some hopes the mass groaning at the Puntastic bit of the fight will shiver the internet.

      …Hey, I can dream. πŸ˜‰

      And yes. Aariel definitely has Church marked down as “human; maybe armed, definitely dangerous.”

      *Nods* Any of the family out in California would be… asking for Murphy to visit carrying tiki torches. Oh dear. πŸ˜‰

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  7. Christmas present, Christmas present! And this time I’m going straight to Amazon for it. I have you sighted and locked on! December’s just 2 months and a handful of days away. I can do this! (If real life doesn’t kill me first……)

    Now I just need to text my aunt what I’d like for a Christmas present, then collect the New Year’s Eve money to save up for Leatherbound and all other future books (and find some way to make my kindle app work again).

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  8. Yay! Got the kindle and Physical versions cause I hate waiting for your books ^^ and might have convinced a friend to pick this one up as well…we shall see. More Aidan πŸ˜€ Though yes any of his family out in California is terrifying esp. during Fire Season.

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  9. Ahhhhh! Just finished(got it this morning, had to force myself to work). I love it. Well researched(with SOURCES at the end of a fiction book. And its on interesting topics….).
    So i am a bit of a romantic at heart and then you shut down myrrh and aiden for logical reasons. So while my wishes are a little bruised i do appreciate you having actual reasons for it other than “this will add tension/spice things up”. And its not often you see something like that so its a fairly new experience for me in reading
    Thanks for the fedoras!
    And you werent kidding about a big ending fight!

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  10. Finished yesterday. (Kindle edition.. The paper copy also arrived, is wrapped and waiting for the birthday for delivery.) Wanted to flip back and restart, but had to keep promises to family instead. Let me finish what I’m reading and then I’ll … Dinner is important, after all.

    So later I opened NET instead. :-).

    That was properly awesome. I’ll even forgive the pun, since that sort of thought had been in that character’s head all along.

    I’ll post a review once reactions have settled out a bit.

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