Sweeten Ch4 bit – Warrior Therapist

I’m not going to swear, Ikoma told himself, braced against the side of the sortie car as strong fingers poked and prodded like hot iron rods. I’m not going to swear. I’m not going to– “Damn it, Kurusu!”

“You need the use of this hand back.” The samurai didn’t sound a bit sorry, as he kept working on stubby flesh and bones. Concerned, maybe, but not sorry. “We don’t know enough about Kabaneri; we have to give you the best treatment for a human. Injured hands need to be strengthened as they recover. These are the best exercises we know.”

Breathe in. Breathe out. “You do this all the time?”

“Since we were old enough to start on blades,” Kibito put in, glancing over from where he was checking the main rifles, while Keisuke and other bushi went over beginning lessons on aim with Aragane townsmen. And one or two determined women. “You’re older; it’s going to hurt a lot. Kurusu’s the best to show you how to keep it up anyway. He’s not as tender-hearted as I am.” Kibito grinned. “Well, not where it shows.”

That earned him Kurusu’s glare. Ikoma bit back a laugh, pain or no pain.

“Show me how to do that?” Hozumi leaned her elbows on a stack of stray supplies, watching intently. “If there’s a way to hold onto weapons more strongly, I want to know.”

Ikoma grimaced, thinking of how the Wazatori had disarmed her in Yashiro Station. “It might not matter as much with a rifle, but… that would be good.”


7 thoughts on “Sweeten Ch4 bit – Warrior Therapist

      1. I’ve heard similar things, but have also been unable to find any real sources. The best I’ve seen was mention of limbering exercises for piano and similar things. They’d not be perfect, because they’re aiming for a slightly different set of results, but it’s at least somewhere to start.

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