Brief Pearl edit update

Up through about page 25 of the rough of Pearl of Fire. And figured out a few more things that will need some head-scratching to fix. *Wry G* Such as….

How do I get in for the reader that a guy’s in a traditional outfit when he’s not thinking about it (because hello, firefight) and Shane is blind.

How do I sketch out some of the cultural assumptions that make seemingly innocent remarks about family a legitimate reason for Shane to believe she might be in danger.

And, as ever, striking the balance between Shane having justifiable arrogance (she was very, very good at an incredibly dangerous job) and being too arrogant.

In a way you might say a bit of arrogance is part of the culture. The city’s in a volcano!

And not a tame one, either. There’s lava down there. And dragons…. 😉


12 thoughts on “Brief Pearl edit update

  1. If from her perspective – does the traditional outfit have a specific sound (whooshing silk kimono), smell (leather armor), etc? If from his, is it particularly useful, or distracting, in the fight (concealing cape, loose sleeves, pants too tight for proper kicks)? 🙂
    I love these little hints you give out.

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  2. Is it a special fiber like lotus? Lotus is as breathable as linen, almost wrinkle-free, water repellent, stain-proof, grease-proof, resembles a linen-silk blend, is almost as warm as wool and it’s extremely expensive and hardly anyone not only makes it but ships internationally. I am only aware of two vendors that do. One is based in Cambodia, only sells fabric instead of thread or finished garnents, but they will dye it your colors. The other is in Myanmar and only makes one thing: 300 ecru suits priced at $5,600.00 each year. They only ship to one man, Loro Piana.

    Originally, it was only used to make robes for high-ranking Buddhist monks to wear at festivals. Loro Piana and the French do-gooder who founded Samatoa changed that.

    They have never said anything about it being fireproof, so it must not be.


  3. Lava…..i am currently rereading Embers. Again(4th or 5th time….).
    No this comment really has no helpful tips but i did some math when i came upon the Authors note about how it snowballed. You have the equivalent of 2 of Robert Jordan’s biggest booms in the wheel of time series. Understatement….you have mastered it. Snowball in this case means one the size of Hoth.

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      1. Of the odd subvariety that never got called four-eyes. 😉 Just weird.

        And yes. Research into unrelated fields you’re not being graded on relaxes the brain. 🙂

        I have scary piles of various notes on odd things. Scary.


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