11 thoughts on “Phone Call fluff fic up on AO3

  1. Stop giving me new fandoms, please! I don’t have time for the old ones already!
    Joking aside, it sounds very interesting and I’ll end up doing exactly the same as I do for every thing you write for – devouring it.
    Fun thing, I just finished going through your bookmarks (again) and was going to top it off with another readthrough of Sweeten when I found it, so I read it before I’d seen it here. Was a very nice surprice.

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    1. Bunnies. Shiny. Sorry. 🙂

      And the bunnies are often especially attracted to fandoms without a lot of fics written, for some reason. The anime’s up on Crunchyroll, and is a refreshing change from the usual mermaids of fiction.


      1. Hm, is that the bunnies like shinies or the bunnies are shiny..?
        Because my bunnies tend to have more claws and fangs then they do jewelry…
        Maybe that’s what I should try…
        *looks around*
        “Here, bunny – look at all this nice glitter I found…”
        The mess would be worth it if I could just finish things. 😂

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      2. Then throw some glitter on your old, still-incomplete stories and point the bunnies at THEM instead! Xp

        *wants more New Kid in Town, Whispers of Fire, and/or Waking to Another Sky*

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  2. Saw your note about the 70’s and just about broke the sound barrier with my facepalm.Thanks for reminding me that the econuts have Always been nuttier than a crate of fruitcakes!

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    1. Oh, it gets even more interesting. I ran across an article a while back where someone went through newspapers going back into the 1800s and found a repeatable pattern – panic about global cooling, followed 20-30 years later by panic about global warming. And back and forth. For over the past century and a half!

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