20 thoughts on “Nagi Fluff ficbit Poster up on AO3

  1. Rec for you:Robb Returns by Dark Scribbler on fanfiction.net.Time-Travel from Game of Thrones Significant Event(Robb’s Wedding) to before start of canon.Canon Derailment begins almost immediately.Currently Fixit, possible Calm Before the Storm. White menace seems beefed up compared to canon.

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  2. Where did you hear that there was a consensus in the seventies (thank you, spellchecker, for forcing me to type that) that global cooling was ongoing? According to Inside Climate News, which I might have misspelled, the evidence began accumulating by 1965 that the planet was warming:


    I am giving you that link instead of the one the news site gave to Google Books because they don’t really have a copy of that book, just a link proving that they ran across it at some point. Also, too many links would make the bot unhappy.

    In other news, I have acquired two things: the work ethic needed to type a link that long and the computer skills not to have to even when I’m on my phone.

    Maybe then I can finish polishing The Hot Place.


    1. See prior reply on doing your own research. It is not a single “where”, it was information gathered from multiple ecological restoration sources.

      Note that your source did not exist prior to 2007 and would not have been collating research in the 1970s and 80s, which was when ecologists were teaching students there was soon to be a Big Freeze.

      For example, if you want to get your information from one source alone, here is a contrasting link.


      Research information from multiple points of view. It will improve your writing.


      1. Technically, I had. No. Idea. You had. First-hand experience. With the. Widespread. Belief. In. Global cooling.

        I just looked it up and other people think it was thought to be happening.

        Mental Midol.


    2. The 70s were also when all the houses were built with wood-burning fireplaces…

      …so that people would be able to burn wood for heat when the oil supplies ran out completely and wood was the only way to keep people from freezing in the next ice age.

      Ask someone who was an adult at the time.

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      1. Dad’s memories of global cooling consist of weirdly snowy summers in Columbia, MO when he was in college. For what it’s worth, he majored in journalism, and nobody in the family was really in touch with ecology at that time. They were more interested in the energy crisis.


      2. They were more interested in the energy crisis

        Which was also a fine example of government incompetence, and a triumph of propaganda over common sense.

        I was thinking about other “crises” that used to receive lots of news coverage and have seemingly disappeared.

        Anyone else remember the panic over killer bee colonies spreading up through the US?

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      3. They’re still out there; some are – very cautiously – managed by a few intrepid beekeepers. But some of the cold freezes in the past few years in the Southeast (2013 for one) have knocked back their spread.


  3. My yard was totally buried by the Blizzard of ’78. We got off school for days and days. We had an undersnow tunnel system between snow forts. There were eight foot walls of snow around the driveway.

    In southern Ohio.

    Get out of my snowless yard, you whippersnappers!

    Looking through Time and Newsweek from back in the 1970’s was also full of dire predictions of the arctic snowcap sweeping down to cover the US in a new glacial age. It showed up on wacky “nonfiction” shows like In Search Of.

    Of course, the decade before that, people were too worried about overpopulation totally coating the earth in tiny little NY apartments. But I guess there were various climate scares in the 1930’s and 1940’s, too.

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    1. I would add that “I remember winters where the snow came up to my waist!”

      …but I was also half as tall then as I am now, so that is probably not a useful data point.


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    2. The story of TIME’s coverage of climate change is much more complicated than is commonly supposed.

      Here is a link to their website:


      This not only contains their takedown of the hoax regarding a 1977 cover story that doesn’t exist, but a link to more of their coverage than I could link to without my post being corralled. This includes a Paris Climate agreement article showing how long scientists had been finding evidence that global warming was happening.


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