Nagi-Asu ficbit: Isolating Factors

A/N: This is waaaay away from being done, but thought people might enjoy the start.

Staring at his notes, Professor Satoru Mihashi rubbed the side of his head. “Are you saying that the harbor thawed – and we’ve possibly averted long-term climatic disaster – through the power of love?

Tsumugu shrugged.

“Well, why not?” Sayu hmphed, glancing just a little aside at Kaname. “Communication is important!

Leaning back on one of the cushions they’d gathered around the central fire in his grandfather’s house, Professor Mihashi sighed.

“I know!” Hikari nodded emphatically. “If the Sea God was so upset that Ojoshisama was crying, why didn’t he just ask her why? Instead of just assuming it was… someone else she cared about… um?”

It wouldn’t be right to smirk, Tsumugu told himself, as Hikari found himself the center of enough intense looks to set ice on fire. No, not even a little bit.

Though it was a relief to see Miuna and Manaka united in their glare at Hikari. At least those two were friends again, even if whatever Miuna felt about her step-uncle was probably still… complicated.

Give them time, Tsumugu thought. Everyone’s confused at fourteen.

“Telling someone how you feel is hard enough,” Kaname said quietly; glancing at Sayu, and Chisaki. “Asking someone how they feel, when they might feel it about someone else… that’s painful.”

“Noting for further investigation,” Mihashi said, half to himself. “Whenever we can figure out a way to look into it that won’t have us laughed out of committee.” He scratched his head. “Although I think we can safely leave Ojoshisama out of this particular investigation. Given that was an ancient legend, the verbal lore I’ve heard so far doesn’t even mention if she had ena or not, and if she did, the Sea God did it is….” He paused, apparently at a loss.

“An unnecessary confounding factor?” Tsumugu suggested.

Now he was getting the looks. “You’ve met Lord Uroko,” Hikari objected.

“You’re right,” Tsumugu nodded, accepting the correction. “I should have said, a perverted unnecessary confounding factor.”


9 thoughts on “Nagi-Asu ficbit: Isolating Factors

    1. Not just “scientific terms”. The meaning has historically been at base “to twist/turn away from the accepted/norm (in X category)”. Modern usage pretty much solely expects it to be related to breaking the socially accepted norm in relation to sexual activity, but that’s just limiting it to one area of focus instead of the more general usage it used to have.

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      1. You can thank Victorian sexologists for the modern meaning. It’s short for “perverted sexual instinct,” and was how they referred to homosexuality.

        My source is Box Turtle Bulletin.


      2. Eh, it’s not just happening with English. Look at the Japanese term “hentai”, and you’ll see that it also has changed with time, and had similar meaning to the English term “perverted”, tho most of its change has been much more recent. In fact, so recent that comparing old anime vs modern anime you can see a significant shift in the usage. Some of the older anime I’ve watched, it was used most regularly when someone did something that the rest of his group considered not-quite-our-social-level, while in modern anime it’s pretty much solely used to refer to sexual situations (or at least girls accusing guys of such).

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