Earring Tales: Sky Stripes

I got some new blues recently.

Sky Stripes1

I wanted to give the impression of twilight to noon – on those clearest of days, when the sky above is so bright, it might as well be white if you dared to look. The luster rose beads were meant to balance all that blue with a bit of sunset. I think it worked?

One of the interesting bits about this was trying to settle on a good color combo of these blues in the first place. I started with a color called “periwinkle” in the mix as well. But… the slightly red-purple of it just didn’t go with the rest of the cooler blues. So I ended up hunting around for more blue alternatives, and came up with the navy blue Duracoat (bottom stripe) and the AB very pale blue (top stripe). Then it all seemed to work.

Anyway, I can’t wear these colors and look good, but I know a lot of other people do look awesome in them. 🙂 And they were pretty to put together.


Sky Stripes earrings.

Peach Season earrings.

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