The Great Escape Ch2 bit – Drawing a Line

How much of that is being Sekirei, and how much is Minaka’s damn game?

He didn’t know. Without the Sekirei Plan he could have at least tried to be normal, even with Sekirei literally crawling out of the walls to make him their Ashikabi-

And that made Tsukiumi’s loneliness cut even deeper. She hadn’t gone looking for him. She hadn’t wanted an Ashikabi. She’d stalked his dreams and threatened to kill him. And he’d gone looking for her anyway. Because he was an Ashikabi, and he had to protect his Sekirei, and the best way to do that was to gather up any other powerful allies he could.

And because he couldn’t let Seo claim her. He couldn’t. Tsukiumi was his. Crazy as it seemed, and fighting Seo one on one would probably have left him in pieces, what had he been thinking….

Simple, Minato told himself, wincing at the truth. You weren’t. You saw her. She reacted. You had to fight for her.

…Ashikabi are all crazy.

And now Tsukiumi was lonely, and it was all his fault.

So what am I going to do about it?

He chewed, and swallowed in a throat gone dry. There had to be a way he could help, could fix this-

“Thou shouldst not have thine unworthy hand so near upon him-!”

Minato wasn’t sure who hit who. Maybe a better man would have cared. He was in the middle of a three-Sekirei pileup, Matsu was giggling in the background, and everything hurt. “Stop it! All of you, stop fighting now!

“Why Minato.” Miya had her ladle in hand, and a deceptively sweet smile on her face. “You know rude words at the dinner table are strictly forbidden.”

Strands of lavender hair waved in a sudden waft of energy, the demon-mask appearing at her shoulder with a wail of haunted flutes. Terror shook him like a cat playing with a mouse; he wanted to just curl up and die….


15 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch2 bit – Drawing a Line

  1. ????

    I don’t see how telling people to stop fighting is being rude.

    If anything, the girls are being the rude ones. Maybe it’s Sekirei weirdness but I was under the impression that spending an not insignificant portion of the meal time yelling at each other and the like was rude. But that might just be my general impatience for the cat-fighting scenes in harem anime talking.

    Maybe Miya likes the entertainment value?

    Or she has been trying to get Minato to stand up for himself? Even in the face of his scary landlady’s apparent disapproval?

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    1. Miya’s behavior is a bit… weird. Although more explicable when you know what she is.

      If she was trying to get Minato to stand up for himself – and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was – she was going about it the exact wrong way for the poor guy. I would say Matsu did him a lot more good by pointing out by way of her own pulled-together exam that he was not stupid, he had severe test anxiety.

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      1. True that.

        Can’t blame the guy for having test anxiety and other issues with considering himself pretty useless considering how often he seems to get told that he is stupid and/or useless loser. And given how anxiety type stuff works, they don’t even have to do it constantly to create problems for Minato – just often enough and then let the gremlins in his head do the rest of the work for them.

        If Minato wasn’t The Nice Guy, some of this nonsense would be a pretty decent origin story for a super-villain.

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      2. See, now I’m imagining a universe where Minato’s resentment for the way his family treated him got Karasuba to react to him. I think I’m going to bury my head in my anatomy book until it goes away

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      1. Well, he had painted a karmic bullseye on himself hasn’t he? Too bad everyone else gets caught up in his mess.
        It’s nice to see Minato get some personal development too! I can test reasonably well nowadays, unlike him. He’s got other strenghts that work well, kinda like me.
        Some of my teachers pointed out my skills don’t lay in tests. It lays in extrapolation and interpolation of information and my knack for linking disciplines together for a fuller picture. Which actually got me accused of cheating in a game once- I’ll admit that I blew the curve for the scoring of that game pretty badly with my results. Ended up sitting though my lunch period with my history teacher explaining exactly why I was able to do it.

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  2. ACatually, i think they could… If they were to smack loki first.

    And i do apreciate Sekirei having their wierdness inspired behavior pointed out to them.
    Sister and mother like Minato’s sure didnt help his confidence…

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