The Great Escape Ch 2 bit – Not Hereditary

“Passed out right there on the floor,” Matsu said clinically, as Kagari tried to shake off disturbing images of Miya’s demon-masks. “Technically, he lost. But he brought everything he had to a battle of wills, and he went down still fighting. Miya hasn’t said a word, but she hasn’t demanded a shopping race since.”

Damn. Kagari had thought dinner had been a little more peaceful than usual these past few nights. He just hadn’t put his finger on why.

They’re switching off who gets to sit with Minato. He’s making them take turns.

Sahashi. He meant Sahashi. Damn it.

Minato Sahashi had faced down Miya. And he’d missed it. “He’s a brave kid,” Kagari murmured.

“He’s a brave young man.” Matsu adjusted her glasses. “He just needs a little more time to grow into it.”

Aha. He knew he’d heard sneaky in her voice. “A kid going gray at nineteen.” Kagari straightened. “Matsu, what are you doing to him?”

“Me?” Matsu said innocently. “Premature gray runs in his family-”

“Takami went gray years ago because Takehito adjusted her,” Kagari cut her off. “Like he adjusted everyone who had to work with scared young Sekirei, so they wouldn’t be as fragile as regular humans. But Takehito’s dead and you’re no doctor, Matsu. Sahashi’s my friend. What are you doing to him?”

16 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch 2 bit – Not Hereditary

  1. Well now…

    So is this ‘what are you doing to increase his stress?’ Or is this ‘what unlicensed medical experiments are you running on him?’ Cause those are the two things that come to my mind.

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  2. Hmm, I think pretty much any time Matsu tries out the innocent routine, the correct reaction is skepticism and doubt, with a dash of disbelief that she could ever be innocent in the first place.

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  3. Interesting. Looks like what Miya was looking for was less ‘you can beat me’ and more ‘you’re willing to stand up to me’.

    Considering that she’s apparently the ‘Pillar’ of the Sekireri (an adult in cryo-stasis on Kamikura island) it’s possible she was pushing Minato into being a what she saw as a ‘proper’ Ashikabi (if in a poor manner given his mentality). After all, as an adult on the ship she would have presumably had previous experience with true Ashikabi (that is, ones not from Terran stock).

    >Sahashi. He meant Sahashi. Damn it.>
    And Kagari is continuing to slip up here and there.

    As for what Matsu is doing, my guess is trying to make certain traits (genetic or otherwise) express themselves in a stronger fashion.

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  4. Part of the tangle, Kagari-san, is not only what Matsu has done but what Tamaki has done to both of the kids . . . . through I suppose Minato (and we) should feel grateful that its only two scientific types instead of three who decided to fiddle with him in that manner. Especially when one of those could have been Minaka* – don’t know about you guys but the very idea gives me the creepy-crawlies. Plus too many cooks spoils the soup . . .

    Through if I were Minato, regardless of it was my mother or my Sekirei, I would be getting annoyed that people aren’t talking it over with me before fiddling with my DNA or whatever it is they are doing.

    *I am assuming that Minaka doesn’t know Tamaki’s children are his. Because given his personality, he probably would have experimented.

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    1. In canon, Minaka deffinetly knows. If I’m remembering right Yuakri over heard him during a Skype call asking Takami if she was going to ever let him be part of the family and that’s why she knows that Minaka is their father.

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      1. Okay . . . hadn’t gotten that far yet.

        Personally speaking, if I were Takami, my answer to that would be “Never” . . . . of course, I don’t think I would have had one child with someone that crazy, let alone two . . . One does have to wonder what in the heck Takami was thinking.

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