Post-NaNo Edits: Getting Steamy

No, not that kind of steam. Hot water vapor. *Halo*

When you’re working with an elemental-based magic system, eventually you have to figure out what happens when, say, Fire and Water mix. Which magic-users can handle that? Which can’t? Can a magic-user only work with “pure” elements, or is there a little wiggle room?

In Pearl of Fire, the plotbunnies knew from the first there was definitely wiggle room… if you’re very, very good at your element.

Shane is that good. Which allows for interesting possibilities. And a certain amount of unavoidable character interaction “oops”, because when you’re used to working with people who are very good at a specific skillset, you can… well. Get out of practice explaining that yes, X is possible, and not even the real thing toย fret overย when you’re hunting down a possible animate murder weapon.

So, some Watch officers, animal-trappers, and elemental Workers are all after something trying to kill them.

Shane: Leans on the wall, waiting… oh, right, this is actually something people get worried about….

(They say there’s a hundred ways to retire from being a Strike Specialist. Shane found the hundred-and-first. She lived to retire….)

17 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Edits: Getting Steamy

  1. Surrounds like someone who, whenever they start talking about some of the previous things they have been involved in, get at least one person looking at them in horror going “How are you still alive?”

    *shrug* “Your guess is as good as mine.”

    Because being very, very good at what you do isn’t always enough. It certainly helps. It improves your odds. But a certain of luck is needed too. Because even the very, very good have off days, get sick, etc.

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      1. Hah! I may just have to really take a lesson from Cato the Elder, and end every comment (no matter how unrelated) with “ceterum censeo WordPress esse delendam”

        (Lousy, buggy, insecure mass of PHP hacked-together with spit and baling wire, inviting in every two-bit script kiddie that gives it a side-eye…)

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  2. So, how long are you a Strike Specialist before you retire? Is it a set length of time or a certain amount of missions to do or something? Consequently, how old is Shane relatively? If she’s at the peak of her abilities and hares off hunting danger still, she can’t be *too* old after all…

    And at least you don’t have to suffer through your phone autocorrecting everything to Swedish – the amount of times I have to backstep in a single post…

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    1. Technically you could retire after a set length of time. But when your home country is constantly under low-level siege that flares up into hot war on a regular basis… most of them just don’t.

      Shane’s been medically discharged. For reasons that mean no one reasonably sane would have her hunting danger… at least, not without highly capable backup.

      Swedish? Eep. The more I hear about modern non-landline phones, the less I like….

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      1. There are reasonably sane people with the actual ability to keep Shane from danger..? My goodness, how do you expect to complete a full book without everyone dieing when she isn’t where she shouldn’t have been?

        I can’t seem to change the language for my autocorrect so instead it has decided to add the English words I use in the Swedish vocabulary-list – makes for interesting sentences if I fail to go back over them. Especially when I switch to texting someone in swedish. The hazards of technology. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      2. Hear, hear! Modern phones are extremely handy in emergencies (being portable) but that’s really it. Yes, it can store and play music lots of music. It has internet access (rah). It has a great camera. I can get email and messages from work!!! Day and night and weekends. (This is a feature?) It allows instant updates on weather and traffic. It does a fair job with directions when I travel. I can play games on it. I can read books on it (although I prefer my kindle. The font size is better and the screen is larger) I love the bells and whistles, but it sucks as a phone. Which is its primary purpose. It loses signal. The sound quality is very variable. It hangs up in the middle of calls because my ear gets too close to something (I swear I have disabled hover touch six ways to Sunday) It butt calls. Even at home. Even connected to my wireless router. I actually kept my land line because the damn mobile frustrates me so damn much.

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      3. Couldn’t reply to Eleanor so it ended up here instead.

        I have far more of an issue with the sound-quality of my landline, because that one is just horrible – low and crackly and frankly gives me a headache. I’ve kept it simply because the towers do go down occationally (3yrs and counting since last time) and also when the power goes out for days I can’t actually charge my phone making it practically useless. If not for that I would cancel the landline – it’s simply too damaged by lightning-strikes and ground frost.

        The only time I’ve really had an issue with a cellphone on the other hand was when it went crazy because of mould. It was a problem when I baked and stayed for hours in steam at work. I keep my phone in a caseing and buy the waterproof ones so it’s all good now. Never had one dial on its own and I think Sweden has the highest cell coverage in the world, at 95+% I believe, so the sound is so much better there then the landline.

        And why should anyone eep about Swedish? Of course the main setting is for my mother tongue. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. EyeofEmerald.

    Lovely name btw. I live in a major US city in Texas, so land line malfunction is unusual. It happens if a drunk driver takes out the local aggregator, but that’s a once in a year occurrence. My complaint is very specific to my own situation.

    From what I’ve read, I understand the European situation is very different. Ya’ll are already on 10GigE and moving to 100GigE. The US is further behind, mostly because of legacy infrastructure. It takes time and political clout to change the rules, so upgrades are moving slowly. I am in one of the cities where Google is rolling out their new network, but it hasn’t reached my neighborhood yet, and I refuse to pay the ATT highway robbery charge for T1 bandwidth. It’s also the case that the legacy infrastructure does NOT cover all of the US. So Mobile is necessary. I’m just frustrated with my phone AS a phone.

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    1. Thank you – for the compliment and for reminding me that I never want to move away from Sweden. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      It makes plenty of sense to me that it would take forever to upgrade the infrastructure in a country as large as yours. Imagine how expensive that plan my government had in the 80s, to make sure every household had a computer and internet, would have been for you – the mind boggles..!
      It probably helped though, that all those communication networks – landlines, cellphones and the tv-net – were run by a government-owned company with monopoly at the time. I know the competition is supposed to be good for priceing but sometimes it definitely doesn’t feel like it.

      Good luck with your google-upgrade thing, didn’t know they worked infrastructure too.

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