The Great Escape Ch2 bit – Medical

The hacker Sekirei wiped away drool, and tried for an innocent smile. “Minato may not look like much, but he really does think things through. Our bonds are strong because we care about each other. Without that, no one would have survived the Discipline Squad. When he went to find Tsukiumi, it wasn’t to bring back another Sekirei. It was to give her a choice.” Red eyes shone, oddly fond. “Sure, he wants mad wild sex. He’s a teenager. But he’s smart enough to realize that we mean it when we say we’re not leaving. So it’s better to be friends, first.”

A friend. Kagari’s heart hurt. He liked talking to Minato, even if the kid was a little soft-spoken and wishy-washy. So he wasn’t pushy and confident, sure the rest of the world would fall at his feet the moment he figured out how he’d make his mark on it. Minato was better than pushy. He was reliable.

Bath needs to be washed, he makes sure it gets done. Groceries need to be carted home? He reminds Musubi not to do tricky jumps with the eggs. Kuu needs attention, and she’s a kid, she always needs attention… he’s the one who got the secondhand grade school books, so she can learn just like a human girl.

Bonding to an Ashikabi who wanted a friend instead of a super-powered playing piece. That would be….

“He really is a strong Ashikabi.” Matsu nudged her glasses. “Maybe strong enough that you-”

“Don’t change the subject!” Kagari shot back, all too conscious of what lay hidden under his shirt. “He’s a guy.” Damn it, Minato, why couldn’t you have been a girl? “A human guy, Matsu, you can’t be sure what you’re doing!”

“Maybe I can’t!” Matsu’s eyes were bright; were those tears? “But Takami has no clue what she’s doing!”

He could not have heard that right. “What?”

Matsu shifted from foot to foot, indecisive. Sighed, and tapped one of her keyboards to bring up a file with Minato’s name on it.

A lot of medical jargon; Kagari winced at the parts he understood. “He got hurt on the bridge.”

“He got very hurt on the bridge.” Lenses cast back the monitor glow like tiger eyes in the night. “A normal human would have been hospitalized for weeks. He walked out in three days.”

A/N: Scarily enough, that last is pretty much canon. The Discipline Squad was not pulling their punches.

22 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch2 bit – Medical

  1. So… Slightly evil mad scientist mom uses son as test subject in case of “For Your Own Good”. (I presume based on previous comments, having not watched this show. Though For Science! seems highly likely as well.)

    Bets, please! Place your bets! Current odds are 10:1 minimum three buildings go boom when protagonist finally finds out WTF! 15:1 protagonist Blue Screens for ten minutes before the buildings star coming down!

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    1. I’m fairly certain Minato isn’t packing that kind of firepower even as a fairly potent Ashikabi.* Also I suspect his flock are going to sit on him/group cuddle until he comes down from “I need to go kill someone now”.

      *While they may be tougher then baseline humans, they seem to primarily act as power source and leader for their flock.

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    1. MBI, in show canon, has been studying the Sekirei to advance medical research. I just added a few Marvel-verse fillips of what else they were studying… but what happened to Minato, and his very fast recovery from what should have been put-you-in-the-ICU injuries, is canon.

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  2. “Don’t change the subject!” Kagari shot back

    Sounds like someone is still in denial.

    Of course, given his experiences so far, who can really blame him?

    He could not have heard that right. “What?”

    Yes, you could have. Just because Minaka is crazier and more of a jerk than Takami doesn’t mean she doesn’t do her own share of . . . questionable . . . decision making. She is a saner Mad Scientist, not a Sane Scientist.

    A normal human would have been hospitalized for weeks.

    Curious and curiousier . . .

    And a strong check in the box that Minato is not nearly as average Joe as he looks. Not that any Ashikabi is precisely normal but still . . .

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    1. >
      Sounds like someone is still in denial.

      And a strong check in the box that Minato is not nearly as average Joe as he looks. Not that any Ashikabi is precisely normal but still . . .
      These two factors are probably related. It might be because Minato is a ‘special’ Ashikabi that Kagari is undergoing certain…..developments. Granted Kagari was already messed up at the start but giving what Matsu seems to be hinting the change might not have been as pronounced if somebody else (IE more human) was their Ashikabi.

      After all, it’s not like this sort of stunt is unknown IRL, check out Sequential hermaphroditism. Granted, I have no idea if this trait is semi or completely natural for the Sekirei species or because the resident mad scientists forgot to carry the one at some point.

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      1. With Kagari, it may be less “forgot to carry the one” and more “but what would happen if we fiddled with this genetic bit over here?” Pretty sure that’s the reason he wants Minaka dead in cannon.
        I think I remember reading Sekirei the first time and wondering if Kagari was a deliberate attempt to engineer a more loyal, more pliable Dicipline Squad gone wrong. *shudders*

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      2. I actually tossed “how do we think Sekirei work” with a couple of people, given we know that Homura was a developed embryo on the ship. Meaning whoever put him in stasis would have known about his fluid state.

        …Which implies that might well be normal for some of the species.

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      3. >…Which implies that might well be normal for some of the species.>
        Instinctive response to critically low population levels for certain Sekirei combined with being Winged by an exceptional Ashikabi?

        Sure that much tissue modification and generation in an adult (including hard tissues like bone, particularly in the hips) would need insane amount of energy and matter. But as has been seen Sekirei do have lots of energy on hand naturally (not to mention what the Ashikabi can infuse).

        As for the ‘exceptional Ashikabi’ asect that would mean a being part of a larger, stronger flock resulting in a safer environment to rear and raise a child.

        >Deep in denial. DEEP. >
        They’ll probably have an opportunity to work through that when they aren’t in danger of being hunted down and killed. Stuff like that tends to make a person prioritize.

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      1. Like subterranean . . . .

        Can’t say I really blame him . . . Minato is a Nice Guy but Homura has good reasons to be leery of people having any kind authority over him and his trust issues . . . . Minaka’s later (from the point of this flashback) “Here is the last one – Come get ’em!” . . . arghhh!

        You can easily see why Homura wants to roast this guy over a fire. Slowly.

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  3. Yeah, but it also be a case of energy draw going both ways. An individual ashikabi doesn’t usually have a zillion sekirei attached to him, right? A normal ashikabi might just be getting enough energy back to make his survival chances better. But an ashikabi with lots of sekirei might have the equivalent of exterior battery storage.

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