The Great Escape Ch2 bit – Plans and Reality

“A plan,” Yukari said in disbelief. “Are you trying to tell me an alien invasion was a plan?

“No,” Minato said fervently. “It really, really wasn’t. If it had been, I’m not sure I could have done this, those things were scary….” He gulped, and looked up again. “The problem was getting out of Shinto Teito. We couldn’t. I looked, Matsu looked, Seo looked; all of us did. Even if we could get the trackers off, and get past the guards – the Discipline Squad is too strong. We’d be dead.” He brushed Musubi’s arm, and calmed. “We couldn’t get out. So we had to get Minaka to get us out.”

“You had to….” Yukari shook her head. “But – it was Minaka who said whoever brought back the Tesseract could get out of the game.”

“Somebody said once, never plan based on what your enemy thinks,” Minato said softly. “You can’t control what he thinks. Plan on what he’s going to do.” The elder sibling shrugged. “Minaka loves alien tech. Matsu dropped hints of where some was – and that you’d need a small army to pry it out of SHIELD’s hands. He did the rest.”

Yukari drew back. “Minaka’s not an enemy.”

Kagari snorted.

“He hurt my Sekirei,” Minato said bluntly. “He left Kuu in the middle of the city and told every Ashikabi to come get her. A kid, Yukari! He did the same thing when Kagari was the last one left – and Kagari was sick, Yukari, he couldn’t have fought off someone like Higa! Minaka is our enemy, he’s all our enemy, and I am going to stop this sick little game if I have to do it over his dead body!”

“But – he’s….”

Kagari glared at her. I know what you’re going to say. And if you say it, I’m going to fry something.

A/N: Yes, Yukari knows exactly who their father is. And hasn’t told Minato either. Ouch.

27 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch2 bit – Plans and Reality

  1. Yukari’s going to need to find a much better reason then ‘he is your father’ if she wants to sway Minato at this point.

    As for Minaka, I suspect that the Avengers are going to be paying him a visit in the near future after Minato and his flock fill them in on just what the loonie has been doing.

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    1. >*EG* Jarvis is looking forward to that.>
      I get the feeling that won’t just be Minaka’s base that will be trashed after this.

      Bruce: “You sicked the IRS on him?”

      Tony: “Well Japanese version anyway. Turns out that in order to get ownership of that island Minaka was just a little less then truthful on some of his paperwork according to Jarvis and little miss Hacker. Particularly important paperwork that government departments tend to get real prickly about.”

      Steve: “What are they doing in response?”

      Tony: “I asked Jarvis for an overview. He started playing the Jaws theme here.”

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      1. Heh, I kinda wish that was an actual option in canon. Sadly canon MBI is a Shadowrun style Megacorp that literally owns Tokyo at a minimum and has good odds of practically owning Japan.

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      2. Matsu could still utterly destroy them if she wanted to, I mean she can apparently hack just about anything with ease.

        Meaning that she could cripple a modern nation’s economy with the proverbial snap of her fingers since she has access to basically any networked databank. After all, how much wealth nowadays (and the records of who owns it) is in 1s and 0s as opposed to solid material like precious metals?

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      3. In the show/manga, MIB had the disciplinary squad, including Miya to give pointed lessons on who not to mess with. In this world, the presence of the Avengers might make them reconsider…though Hydra is probably making sure that SHIELD doesn’t get to chummy with them or vice versa.

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      4. >Heh. Japan may have a few ideas about that…

        I’m going to be honest, it took me a few hours to figure out what annoyed me about this statement. Then I recalled you said you were using the Anime as the base for this AU while I’m most familiar with the Manga version of Sekerei. And in the version I’m used to the mere thought that the nation of Japan has ideas about how MBI does anything is laughable.

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  2. Maybe I never read the manga or watched the anime. Maybe I only read interpretations in fanfiction… But I really don’t like Minaka. Whether or not he’s a good villain is a different question. But I don’t like Minaka, I don’t even like to hate him.

    Orihara Izaya is fun to hate.

    Ego the Celestial is horrific but still fun to acknowledge how horrifying he is.

    Darkseid? There’s a sense of awe in acknowledging just how evil he and other villains at his level are.

    Azula is a wonderful ball of cruelty, cunning, and CRAZY that is fun to be in fear of and to pity.

    Minaka? I’m sorry but he comes across as a pitiful manchild of wasted potential.

    I am really curious to see how Vathara handles him. And I don’t just mean in his comeuppance. I am legitimately curious how Vathara will write him.

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  3. Yeeeeah, the whole, “but he’s kin!” argument isn’t gonna hold much water at this point. After all, Takami is the parent that raised them, and look at what she did!
    Honestly, the fact that he’s their father would make me angrier in their shoes. Yes, everyone is fallible, but there are people you should be able to expect more of. You do have the right to expect your parents to be able to rise to the bar of “common decency”.

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    1. The children of the Roman paterfamilias, a man with three or more acknowledged children, existed beneath his hand. He had the legal right to execute them at any time he saw fit. There were legal limits on this right. After the third time a father sold his son into slavery, the relationship was considered voided.

      Which is to say, Vader is only the beginning of that line of research. (Not just picking on fathers. One can also find examples of such mothers.)

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  4. Being biologically related does not excuse someone from engaging in shitty behavior toward you and those you love, Yukari.

    Besides biologically speaking he might be your father but in everything else, he isn’t. It takes more than contribuing half of someone’s DNA to be a parent. Yes, Takami prevented him from being involved in their lives (a decision of hers that I completely aware with) but that doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t there. He is a STRANGER who happens to be biologically related. A DANGEROUS STRANGER. A dangerous stranger who has no qualms about hurting innocent people just because he can and thinks it would be cool to watch.

    Minato knows Kuu. He knows Kagari. He knows his Sekirei. And other decent Ashikabi and Sekirei who have been or stand to get hurt by this battle royale nonsense and other actions of MBI. So yeah, he wants to kill Minaka. Or at least hurt him. Hurt him a lot. And I don’t blame him one little bit.

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      1. *Nods*

        Way too pushy. And way too used to getting his way.

        Getting that “go away and leave us alone” to get past his hair is going to be difficult.

        And I think any success in that matter is probably going to be temporarily. Because periodically his desire for X is going to override what sense of self-preservation Minaka possesses.

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