The Great Escape Ch3 bit – We Have a Problem

“Avengers. We have a problem.”

“What’s this we stuff, SHIELD man?” Tony grumbled, glancing out one of his office windows to the wreckage the Chitauri had left strewn all over New York. Yesterday they’d beat the bad guys, saved the good guys, and kept the Big Apple from glowing in the dark. Today they’d just seen off Thor, the Tesseract, and his possibly brainwashed and definitely crazy adopted little brother. That didn’t mean the important stuff was over. “City to fix, huge spacewhale thingies to sample and incinerate, TV-grabbing philanthropy to do.”  Not to mention an agent to mourn. Damn Loki; Coulson had been worth five of Fury, any day.

“My team could use some downtime, Director.” Steve Rogers’ words were all Captain America-polite, but the tone made Tony perk up with the prospect of imminent Fury-smackdown. Bruce looked tired, but not as bad as he had before their impromptu shawarma-fest. Barton and Black Widow… huh. Their faces had a careful blank of I might be interested but the boss may have bigger fish to fry. Which meant they knew something. Maybe.

“This should be a search and locate mission, Captain. No combat involved. All you need is a briefing.” Inserting a portable drive into one of the available computer ports, Fury gave Tony an eyepatched glare. “Assuming you haven’t hacked these already, Stark.”

“From the file properties, I can assure you Mr. Stark has never hacked these particular files, Director,” Jarvis stated.

Really? Tony tried not to bounce in anticipation. SHIELD had something he hadn’t poked? This should be good; he’d been sure Jarvis had-

And Tony ran his AI’s phrasing back through his head, and pulled on his best poker face. Oh, this was going to be interesting. Maybe life-threatening; scratch that, definitely life-threatening, this was Fury. But he was not going to be bored today.

A hologram blazed into life; an overhead shot of a small, young volcanic island. “Kamikura Island,” Fury stated. “Uplifted about twenty-one years ago some distance off the coast of Japan. Originally explored by two grad students; Takami Sahashi, and Hiroto Minaka.”

Uh-oh. “Minaka,” Tony stated. “MBI Minaka?”

Bruce seemed to hunch in on himself. “You know him?”

“I tend to know the guys in my tax bracket,” Tony said wryly. “Especially the ones who put up laser kill-sats. Which, I’m guessing, Japan is kind of regretting right now. I tried to warn them, but noooo, nobody listens to the gaijin warmonger.”

A/N: Tony. Just… Tony. *Amused.*

23 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch3 bit – We Have a Problem

  1. Well at the end of this you’ll probably be able to tell the Japanese government the good news:that MBI doesn’t control said kill-sats anymore.

    The bad news is that they now under the control of technopathic alien who likes having as many aces up her sleeve as possible and isn’t interested in giving any up.

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      1. >Tony has opinions on killsats. >
        Was this mentioned in the movies? Because I honestly can’t remember the topic coming up. Closest that comes to mind would be Project Insight where it was Cap who was vehemently against the entire notion.

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  2. My, my. Now is this a result of Matsu deciding “Screw it. If I die, you’re going down with me!” or did the people Minato’s flock bailed out decide to take those trackers to the proper authorities and it got kicked upstairs? My guess is the former. *crosses fingers, hoping the argument about the nukes between the WSC and Fury was plastered all over YouTube.*

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  3. Coming from a foreigner or not, I have to wonder why anyone through THAT was a good idea. Yes, satellite networks tend to have robust security but no security is perfect – someone could hack it. Not easily. Maybe not gaining control for very long. But they don’t have to have control for long to do serious damage.

    Maybe Minaka wasn’t so visibly crazy back then so maybe I can forgive the Japan for not thinking he made himself a backdoor into the satellites so he could use them whenever . . . provided that the agreement between Japan and MBI included MBI giving total control of the sat to Japan.

    Why do I get the feeling that copious bribes were involved in this decision making process?

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    1. >Why do I get the feeling that copious bribes were involved in this decision making process?>
      Considering what various governments in the Marvel universe get up to at times, large bribes might not have even been needed.

      Just fear mongering and similar ‘suggestions’.

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    2. Part of it is that MBI flat out crushed an invading fleet and assault early on (manga chapter 72), from an “unnamed army” ~ that was a multi nation force (best odds of being Sino-Russian). Given MCU it’s entirely possible HYDRA pulled the strings attempting to gain control of the island and alien tech.

      From the Japanese Gov’t perspective MBI basically crushed an invading force and is working on a large scale super human program with actual results. Minaka’s serving the national interest and even better he’s not costing the Japanese government funding.

      The Hulk alone would justify putting kill-sats up into orbit, as a fairly potent but highly accurate weapons system.

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  4. Cue a Chain of events that creates at least as much Chaos and property damage as the Blues Brothers’ trip to Chicago. Or like in the last Avenger’s movie.

    Considering that a number of Sekirei (most?) are superpowered/-natural combat junkies par excellence… or violent whackjobs *discipline squad*, it’ll be a miracle if even Minato’s Flock keeps from getting into a rousing ruckus. As eager as Musubi is to test herself…

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