The Great Escape Ch3 bit – Assault

Steve drew in a quick breath, and said what they were all thinking. “A spaceship?

“Minaka found just over one hundred alien organisms inside, in stasis,” Natasha informed them. “He was able to conceal this for years, bringing in another genius, Takehito Asama, who helped him build MBI as we know it today. Then, about a decade ago, HYDRA apparently discovered that Kamikura was more than just Minaka’s privately-owned piece of rock.”

The video that opened was, frankly, scary. As a former professional maker of things that went impressively boom, Tony thought he was qualified to judge scary.

The shot seemed to be from one of several advancing helicopters; as it swung over the sea, he could see the carrier the choppers had come off of. On land already – yeah, had to be HYDRA, that was a stupid way to put an assault force together –  were tanks, infantry, and more helicopters leading the way. On the cliffs of the island, waiting, were five gray-cloaked figures.

It was a slaughter.

Swords flashed. Blood flew. Tanks were crushed as the island spawned mini-quakes around them. The camera jerked back toward the sea-

Bisected by an invisible cleaver, the support ship sank into oily waves.

The camera jerked around again, then tumbled, as if the helicopter had been caught in an instant tornado-


“Hopelessly, hilariously outgunned,” Fury said grimly.

“Five of them did that to HYDRA?” Steve whistled. “Wow.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t leave it at that,” Tony said, mind racing. How had he missed this mess? Granted, ten years back he’d been in the weapons and high society whirl, without a clue SHIELD even existed. But wow was right. Why hadn’t anybody dropped him a note? Alien tech, for goodness’ sake.

Which explained a lot about MBI’s meteoric rise in the medical tech field. Even a genius worked better with proof something could be done.

“SHIELD didn’t. Neither did HYDRA,” Natasha acknowledged. “Every other attack was repelled. I understand SHIELD tried a more diplomatic approach.”

Oh, Tony could see this one coming. He waved his hands like a magician. “Let me. You asked Minaka, pretty please can we share your shiny new alien toys. And he laughed in your face and told you it was some awesome plan of the gods, shoo, go away.”


33 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch3 bit – Assault

  1. Why, Tony! You have met this charming individual before, haven’t you?

    There’s a story to that meeting. A story that demands popcorn!

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      1. Re: Canis

        Tony: “Hmm. Is this Minato guy accepting students on rejecting awkward relatives? Will I have to carry a lot of buckets of water?”

        Minato: “Um, Mr. Stark, I seem to have a lot of people around the house already.”

        Tony: “Maybe a correspondence course?”

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    1. Maybe it’s just prejudice. *Insert nutty more smoke than substance theory based on cherrypicking to suppose that he thinks all wealthy Japanese industrialists are like that.*

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  2. >“Five of them did that to HYDRA?” Steve whistled. “Wow.”>
    And now you have nine of them (Seo:2 Yukari: 1 and Minato: 6) right on their doorstep. Several of whom are ‘single numbers’ AKA persons of mass destruction.

    One might understand why Fury is a bit….perturbed with the current situation.

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      1. >Oh, much more than 9.>
        Oh bugger.

        “You had to….” Yukari shook her head. “But – it was Minaka who said whoever brought back the Tesseract could get out of the game.”

        Every Ashikabi still in the game is now in New York with their Sekirei aren’t they? And Minaka is probably going to offer them shinies to bring in/remove the players who don’t want to play anymore.

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      2. >🙂 So very much so.>
        I take it there is going to be a fair bit more property damage done to New York by the time this is finished.

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      3. >…Those streets needed repaving anyway, honest.>
        Well hopefully the damage and death toll won’t be worse then the Battle of New York against the Chitauri.

        According to the wiki, that brawl resulted in 88 billion dollars in property damage and 74 deaths.

        This is going to be potentially far more drawn out and wide range as the Ashikabi and Sekirei ‘playing’ are going to be tearing New York apart to try and find the Tesseract* along with Seo, Yukari and Minato’s flocks. Particularly Karasuba whom I doubt will care all that much for the notions of restraint or civilian causalities.

        *I have a sneaking suspicion that the the ‘players’ are not going to believe the explanation that said glowing cube is no longer on earth and there is no way to get it.

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  3. If SHIELD really did ask that way, I can’t say it really shocked me that Minaka just shot them down. What did they expect? That out of the love of their fellow man they were going to give away billions of dollars worth of patents and millitary tech? Even if Minaka was just a selfish billionaire instead of a crazy mad scientist that probably wasn’t going to go over well.

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      1. As much money as he was going to get out of military tech and medical patents? Because I know SHIELD has a pretty large but THAT large?

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    1. I call bull$**t on 74 deaths. You had frigging airborne deathgliders and Sharkwhales shooting at everything. An army might I remind you Thanos commands. See also:Genocidal maniac with the power to match with Asgard. If you look at the sagas…


      1. -Shrug-
        That was the only solid number regarding the losses I could find. Now I did run across a picture of a in-universe newpaper stating ”hundreds killed in Midtown battle’ on this wiki page but no real figures given.


  4. . . . And he laughed in your face and told you it was some awesome plan of the gods, shoo, go away.”

    Natasha (or Fury): I see you’ve met him.

    Tony: Unfortunately. Now I consider myself to be pretty crazy but this guy is NUTS.

    I think the idea that any of the super powered aliens being in New York is probably going to trigger at least something of a “bring me my brown pants” reaction.

    Through the looks on everyone’s faces when they learn that these superpowered aliens are all pretty women (girls) and men (boys) and some of them (like Kuu) can be rather sweet is going to be amusing.

    I don’t think Minaka is going to be happy when he learns the Tesseract is in Asgard.

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  5. I think the idea that those superpowered people are ‘married’ to ordinary joes, and loyal to then will be even more scary…

    a civvie everyday normal job guy with a supersoldier under their command…

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