Earring Tales: Blue Koi

So. Fishy. 😉

Blue Koi9

A few new blues, and I figured I could do something like a blue koi fish. Because they’re pretty. 🙂

This is the site where I found one of the pictures I used for reference.


It looks like generally there would be only one or two shades of blue on a live fish. I used a bunch, because I thought it would look neat.

…So I guess I need an artistic fishing license? 😉


Blue Koi earrings.

Honey Badger earrings.

3 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Blue Koi

  1. That’s gorgeous, as is the fish they’re inspired by. All the shades complement, and even contrast, each other nicely. Very…organic? Natural? Not sure those are the words I’m looking for…

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  2. Lol, the way the lighting in the picture is, I thought the earring on the left was missing a bead. Looking at the other photos on e-bay revealed it was an optical illusion.

    These have a nice rippled effect too them. It feels like I’m looking at earring though a pool.

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