The Great Escape Ch3 bit – Setup

“MBI jets landed at Kennedy International two hours before the Chitauri dropped in.”

Visas, Tony recognized on the image. Passports. Lots of pretty girls with Japanese names, most of whom didn’t look Japanese at all, even if you ignored the ones with pink and purple hair. “You let them in! There’s no way you didn’t know – you set this up to get them here!”

…And Bruce was looking a little green around the eyes, not good-

“I was trying to save their lives.”

Of all the answers Tony had expected, that one hadn’t even made the list.

“HYDRA was going to attack them again?” Steve shifted his shoulders, getting ready to cream any goon stupid enough to drop into Tony’s office.

“HYDRA they could handle. It’s Minaka that’s the problem.” Fury gripped one fist at a time, obviously wanting to punch something himself. “After twenty years of relative sanity, the man is-” The commander of SHIELD had to stop, and take an angry breath.

Natasha’s lips pursed in a moue of distaste. “Minaka seems to believe the Sekirei are some sort of gladiators for the gods, fated to battle until only one of them is left standing. He’s started having them fight each other.”

Bruce’s hands flexed, probably making some of those super-secret calm-Hulk-down meditative moves he’d mentioned once. “How?”

Fury raised the unpatched eyebrow. “I would have thought you’d ask why, Dr. Banner. Given your past experience with living weapons of mass destruction.”

Oh, they were so not going there, Tony decided. “Why, we know. Minaka. Crazy. End of discussion. Move along to how. ‘Cause seriously, aliens with superpowers, kind of hard to mess with.”

Fury sighed, black leather losing just a little of its stiff angles.

“And here’s where you tell us it gets worse,” Tony concluded.

26 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch3 bit – Setup

      1. Didn’t he have those ridiculous impersonator robots, or am I misremembering that from a fanfic? That could be amusing… (Mostly, i’m thinking of the scene in the Avengers where the Hulk cuts Loki off midrant. Pity Minaka can’t put up with the same sort of punishment)

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      2. I dunno, if there’s ever a person who deserves to be squashed…

        Wait until parentage comes out. Man, they should start a club of “Dad screwed me up, but Mom screwed me over.” Tony can be there for the first half, Marvel hasn’t talked about Maria besides her death yet. But knowing Marvel, there’s something bad in her past too.

        Marvel doesn’t let people have nice things…

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      3. He does have his own Impersonator bots. Used one when he was handing out one of the Jinki. Shame cause otherwise Kagari would have managed one of his life goals.

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    1. Maybe he could just meet one of Minaka’s empty* labs? Less angst to go around then.

      *And by empty, I mean empty of people, but full of stuff Minaka would rather not have go squish. …if such a thing exists.

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  1. Speaking of Kagari, with the experimentation done on him and his unstable (prior to Winging) powers in general, I can’t help but be reminded of a MCU supersoldier program.

    Namely Extremis. After all MBI has apparently gotten VERY rich from the medical advances that they ‘invented’ and some of the traits of the supersoldier process do resemble Kagari.

    1. Greatly enhanced strength and agility.
    2. Rapid regeneration capability.
    3. Thermokinetic abilities (though Extremis can only really project blasts of heat and fire)
    4.somewhat…….unstable biology.

    I can see Killian using some of MBI’s data to help ‘perfect’ his supersoldier technology.

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  2. I hope Minaka gets the same wake-up call that the villains in The Expanse get:

    “Corporations are not stronger than governments. The reason they suffer under that delusion is that us ‘poor’ underpayed civil servants fall for the bribes and the corruption.”

    Basically the undersecretary to the de-facto head of the Earth UN Government goes on a warpath and seized ALL of a guy’s assets, orders him to be seized on sight should he breath earth air, and gets set to make his entire extended family into pariahs and accomplices to his atrocities (which are pretty horrific).

    All epically delivered by Shoreh Agdashloo.

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      1. Honestly not sure how it got pulled off, probably explained in the books how the UN grew teeth and a spine to actual be a singular sovereign power (and they have the Moon).

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    1. Okay, corporations are a fiction that run on top of a legal code enforced by a government, hence my long time skepticism of CyberPunk’s MegaCorp. Corporations aren’t somehow magically able to control the mechanism they depend on in order to exist.

      But governments also run on top of societal features that are beyond government control, that are not magically perfect and unchanging. Governments can fundamentally undermine themselves, and ruin the qualities that once made them functional. Or be ruined by forces completely outside of government ability to control.

      Both government and corporations are human organizations, with all the complexity in practice that implies.

      That quote? Bureaucrats within a government have some ability to structure government economic intervention. Economic intervention can disparately impact small businesses in ways larger businesses have the overhead to cover. This shields the larger companies from smaller nimbler competition. At the same time, larger businesses have more concentrated regulatory costs. Those regulatory costs almost set the budget for bribery to offset those costs. The systems aren’t as independent as the socialist morality plays for infants imply.

      As for the worldbuilding example, I see at least three essential flaws.

      1. Single world governments lack the stabilizing force of the external threat. So, Caesarism, insurrections, etc… This is a problem with any one world government that isn’t fighting other worlds. 2. Recruit security forces where, train where, fund how, and station where? Qualities of an army or police are partly dependent of qualities of the population they are recruited from. Lots of current populations are not super great fans of each other, and are not necessarily that compatible. This is a problem with positing a near future world government. Getting from an accurate picture of the world to one where a one world government is truly plausible can be a trick. 3. It’s the fricking U.N. Maybe it was almost functional enough for that back when it was the Allies in WWII. Maybe it could’ve been used by the US for subjugating the world after that and a war with the Soviets. I can’t see the US having leadership both mad and competent enough to try, but it is almost in the ballpark of plausible. After that period? NFW, pardon my French. The history of the UN is of its increasing dominance by corrupt dysfunctional regimes. Regimes that would have surrendered to the Axis and cheerfully collaborated. The influence of these regimes has not moved the UN in the direction of being able to provide the world with stable government.

      *Checks The Expanse on wiki* Figures.

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      1. To be fair to CyberPunk, a government is a large organization nominally following a set of principles involving ownership and protection of a territory and population while simultaneously being apart from all that happens within it. Governments have many names, and many variations in how they work, and many different codified sets of principles they claim to support. A CyberPunk-style MegaCorp is, arguably, just a government with a different name and PR, and the belief that by using that different name it can also overlap ownership of the territories of “normal” governments (tho as CyberPunk usually shows, that overlap is nominal too, and the MegaCorp has actually stolen the territory while claiming it hasn’t so the other government won’t fight to take it back).

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