Scarier than Halloween

NaNo is coming.

Less than 48 hours, in fact.

*Insert stifled squeaks of panic.* Noooo it’s too soon!!!!

I have reference books I was meaning to read. I have the barest outlines of who’s doing what to whom and why. I have a sleep debt that won’t quit. Augh.

On top of that let’s just say the timeframe around Thanksgiving will be very bad. As in, if I don’t break 50K by the 26th, dealing with Stuff Happening afterward may derail writing severely.

OTOH, panic and NaNo are kind of a given.


14 thoughts on “Scarier than Halloween

  1. *Hug*

    I wish you well on NaNo this year!

    BTW, it is really cool to be able to go back and read all the NaNo posts on Seeds of Blood after reading the book. It’s kinda like getting to watch all the “Making Of” DVD extras of a book. Which rarely gets to happen for written works.

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  2. I’m cheating this year and got started early so I can take some days off to rest my brain while still making the quota. Mwahahaha! *EG* I wish you the best of luck and as little stress as possible!

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  3. Yeaaaah, i’m taking Human Anatomy and Physiology II and Statistics I this semester. I’m not making a huge time commitment to anything not school related. *waves pompoms* Good luck everybody else!

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  4. My workplace is imploding like crazy, and I’ve got at least…*looks at November* six dumpster fires to take care of. Plus switching to mornings! I’m going to try to do a hundred words a day, and be happy if I get that. (Though I’d be happier if one of my characters hadn’t decided to throw a big spanner in the middle. Not a bad spanner, all told, but still changes things a lot)

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