Kryal’s Resident Project Up On AO3

Resident Project Chapter One on Archive of Our Own.

Kryal had some fun with the Project Tatterdemalion setting. And by “some” I mean eight chapters and nearly 100K words.

(I may have teased about the number of them which are devoted to the opening of doors. Hey, it’s Resident Evil, doors are big things….)

Kryal’s got the first chapter edited, is working on editing the rest. The work is complete save for the edits, and Kryal plans to put it up over NaNo.

Leon, Claire, Sherry, Ada, and zombies. With some Tatterdemalion cameos waving hi in the background. What more could you ask for Halloween?


7 thoughts on “Kryal’s Resident Project Up On AO3

  1. Project Tatterdemalion is one of my all time favorite series. I am so happy to see it continue. The new Resident Evil chapter is just excellent. Thank you.

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