38 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch3 up on AO3

  1. >There were a multitude of potential answers to that, but one made the most sense. “Only that Director Fury may be experiencing unexpected funding difficulties in the next few days, Sir.”>
    “What do you mean the bank is going to foreclose on the Helicarrier?”

    >likely recalling the animated ASCII gif of a giggling girl in glasses that had cackled its way through a Justin Hammer presentation, leaving the cut-rate weapons manufacturer red in the face. >
    Hammer mocking. It never gets old. 🙂

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      1. >Never ever. *G*>
        And was probably at least one of the ‘doners’ for Matsu’s magic money that Seo mentioned.

        Tony: “You know, I really should be saying something about grand theft to the third power, but this is Hammer Industries so…..meh?”

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  2. Thanks for the new chapter. Because of your story I have given in and binge watched the first season. I don’t mind new fandoms are always good. But as I had your story in mind I had some ideas that went a little scary.
    Minato is 19 years old. The mad scientist and his enabler found the ship 19 years ago with 106 embryos, so obviously they had some sort of artificial womb. Any chance they might of wanted to test the wombs without risking their precious alien resources? Because I can see them doing that and that might be why Yukari is the favored child as Minato is only an experiment. That of course can lead to the idea of why he is such a powerful empath. Either they experimented on him or even just the side effect of the artificial womb emphasizing his Sekirei heritage.
    I have only seen season one. Anything in cannon that would argue for or against this?

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    1. And you could speculate about how much of maternal bonding happens in the womb, versus Takami being Takami.

      Implications might include that a) there were more than one Minaka/Takami test tube embryo produced b) some of them were not viable, or experienced an issue with the artificial womb. c) There could well be other survivors that were farmed out to other homes.

      It would really let someone dig into the abnormal psychologies of Takami and Minaka, and how they’ve additionally damaged themselves enough to end up where they are.

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    2. that honestly makes too much sense.

      I had wondered how they could have had 106 successful attempts in a row using alien equipment without testing it first.

      that is just too lucky to be luck.

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      1. They could’ve just used pig embryos. There’s more than one possibility. If you want to make money selling medical services, you’ve got be able to bring it to market. That can mean proving, in a sane and ethical manner, that it works.

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      2. >That can mean proving, in a sane and ethical manner, that it works.>
        That IRL. In the general Marvel universe there s a heck of a lot of human/mutant etc experimentation going on.

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      3. >That can mean proving, in a sane and ethical manner, that it works.>

        I don’t think they were selling that one. And it is Minaka, to him, “sane and ethical” is more alien than the actual aliens he works with.

        Plus, if you just need to know if the incubator works, putting a pig embryo in the machine would work just fine. But, humanity has latent Sekirei genes and Minaka knows that. As far as they know, there could be odd interactions with the incubator and Sekirei genes.

        They could be quietly testing if humans using the incubators would end up with superpowered children.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave an ethics committee a heart attack with how they must have used all that alien tech they found.

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      4. Have to agree that MBI has been too successful with the Sekirei for it to be pure dumb luck. And if they didn’t want to test how the equipment worked with finite resource of the alien embryos . . .

        And Minaka does consider ethics to be something that happens to other people . . . (and seems to have attracted a lot of like-minded scientists . . .)

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      5. I wouldn’t be surprised if Minaka were internationally lauded for his bioethics expertise, especially in a Marvel derived universe. Doesn’t mean he can’t have done something ethical by accident, for regulatory compliance or for convenience.

        Which is to say that while I’ve got a few bunnies bouncing around, this is fanon even if highly probable, and there are alternatives for anyone too squicked by the implications.

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  3. *Raises Hand* I always thought you did good if not great fight scenes. A little confusing at times, but name a real fight that isn’t. IICR , haven’t real historians done libraries on well documented battles?(by well-documented I mean filmed by hollywood for propaganda purposes)

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  4. I resent that lazy description for Minato, Nicholas Fury. SEO is the lazy Ashikabi.

    Failing an exam twice doesn’t necesarily mean the person taking them didn’t work hard or didn’t study. It OFTEN does. But not always. You making an assumption. A dangerous assumption since Minato isn’t lazy or stupid, just very anxious under high stress situations. Granted you can’t know someone has test anxiety as the reason for failing just by looking at records but I think they said that Minato did pretty well in school and I don’t see him (or Takami) allowing him to go a high school for slackers.

    Of course, it might be amusing when Matsu points out that she gave Minato a practice exam of that university, one that was harder, and he got a perfect score. Because she will the first time someone tries to call her Ashikabi a lazy idiot. Of course, said person would also have been dodging wind, water, fire, plants, and bear fists because the rest of his Sekirei also wouldn’t like it.

    And I want to see you keep a regular nine to five job AND still do all of the SHIELD stuff. I promise you that one of them is going to fall by the wayside.

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      1. “They needed the push.”

        Yeah. He does do that. (And while it managed to be effective – it was still a dick move. And kinda of risky – it could have just as easily backfired. Because there are never certainties with emotional manipulation because emotions are messy and unpredictable.)

        Probably a good thing that Fury is apparently planning to keep his distance from the Flock. Because even trying to pull that kind of emotional manipulation on Minato would not end well for anyone.


      2. >Because even trying to pull that kind of emotional manipulation on Minato would not end well for anyone.>
        Not just that. Remember that Ashikabi and Sekirei are empaths. And since Fury does his ‘con jobs’ face-to-face it wouldn’t work.

        Ergo he works the Avengers to go help Minato since A: he knows what buttons to push with them (and to be fair, he probably shares at least some of those buttons) but B: he doesn’t have to proverbial neon sign flashing over his head with the words ‘I am saying these things to manipulate you’.

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  5. In the chapter you mention that Minato has 5 Sekirei under him, but in canon he has 6. At first I thought it was outdated information as in before Homura being winged, but Jarvis then mentions Homura being winged later in the chapter. This doesn’t make sense, unless Matsu is keeping one of the Sekirei (herself most likely) off the charts as being winged by Minato.

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      1. My thoughts as well, that’s the only thing that I think makes sense. Which will come as a surprise for SHIELD and Fury when a world-class hacker (who is no doubt on their radar to keep an eye on, catch, recruit or contain) is with one of the People of Interest that they want to bring in and handle with kid gloves/keep in the dark. “Fun” times ahead (for Tony) after seeing what a mild-mannered man does after being pushed too far.

        On a different note, in Chapter 2 Matsu mentions that once Sekirei mature, they store a healthy body template so the cells know what state to return to. Does this mean that Sekirei lifespans are potentially timeless and is only limited by the lifespan of their Ashikabi? Obviously baring any depletion of their energy core or suffering so much damage that even their enhanced physiology is unable to repair or revert to the stored state.

        This would explain Miya’s unchanged appearance for the past 21 years since the ship was found and might also explain why Miya is counted as a Sekirei and is not. In 21 years, not counting the ones that she was Takehito’s wife, she has yet to be winged. Maybe it’s not that she hasn’t found her Ashikabi, but that she literary can’t after being designated as a defender/queen of the other Sekirei that she is/was safeguarding on the ship when it was launched. Why take the chance losing that defense to an unknown quantity (the Ashikabi’s lifespan/age/death/injury) when you aren’t sure how long it’ll take for all the Sekirei to mature and find Ashikabi.

        Just had a thought that Sekirei species showcase cuckoo-type behavior by sending their young out to be raised by someone else be it a different flock (on their homeworld), or species in the case of space travel.

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  6. “Good job, Jarvis.”

    And for some insane reason I can’t get Tony handing kid!Jarvis a cookie and a pat on the head out of my brain. This calls for fluff!

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  7. Okay I have a nitpick about this chapter.

    While I could see the Asgardians having a more traditional viewpoint of the role of women, I don’t think they are enforced to the point where women from other cultures would have reason to worry about them. – although, women don’t belong on the battlefield is a rather low bar as things like that go.

    Sif may be a “punk girl” on Asgard, but being a “punk girl” on Asgard does not seem to get you shunned, publicly humiliated, or stoned to death, or depowered and send to earth on a quest to learn the important life lesson that she should stay in the kitchen…

    And even if they did any of that, I don’t think they enforce their views on the cultures they interact with on other worlds.

    Having to hide the alien warrior women so the Asgardians don’t learn there are ladies outside a kitchen, just seems odd to me.

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      1. Ah, that makes sense. I just thought it was weird that Asgardians were suddenly sexist like that.

        Which really makes me wonder what else SHIELD thinks they know, we know they got the Sekirei wrong, but what else?

        And is there someone out there feeding them info intentionally slanted to give them the wrong impression?

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