The Great Escape Ch4 bit – Encounter

“So we want to keep them at a distance,” Steve concluded.

“Easier said than done.” Iron Man banked, burning through the sky. “They are fast. And agile. And jump like a flying squirrel on speed. And did I mention fast?”

“Rough estimate?” Hawkeye’s voice broke in.

“Hai and Beni are at least as fast as Cap. Karasuba is faster. They’ve also got – oh, thank you, Jarvis, that makes me feel so much better –  people? They’ve got a confirmed homicide count. Lots of HYDRA agents. At least two or three SHIELD agents, and no wonder Fury’s so grumpy.” A breath. “And a couple of Sekirei.”

Steve swallowed, feeling as if ice had dropped into his stomach.

“So they won’t hesitate to attack their own.” Widow sounded more grim than usual.

“It gets worse.” Tony’s voice held a self-mocking edge. “They definitely don’t hesitate to attack Ashikabi. And though the files don’t have info on if this is true – Jarvis cracked a bit out of the studies on the empathic bond. Kill the Ashikabi, kill the Sekirei.”

Bruce’s too-quick breath on the line, underlined by a motorcycle’s growl. “We’re not going to get to you fast enough.”

“Yeah, no, the Chitauri made even New York potholes look puny,” Tony griped. “Keep a lid on it, Bruce, we might need a doctor more than the Big Guy. Need to get us all something that flies, though from that vid choppers aren’t any safer- damn.”

Steve looked down as they rounded a skyscraper. And wished he hadn’t.

Blood. Everywhere.

Cop cars were upended; officers, civilians, and young women in the most fantastic costumes, many clutching exotic weapons, huddled behind them or scattered broken on the ground. Tattered kimono flying, Haihane was slicing at about four other of the girls – who had to be Sekirei – fending off spear, fists, and blades of light all at once. Steve had the sudden image of raw recruits tossed into the front lines, or a basket of kittens desperately trying to fend off a rampaging pit bull; they knew how to fight, but not how to kill.


9 thoughts on “The Great Escape Ch4 bit – Encounter

  1. I disagree – I think the Big Guy is probably going to be the only way the Avengers can win this fight.

    Benitsubasa and Haihane will likely go down relatively easily enough: take out the hotheaded little pettanko hard and fast, then they can spare more people to more methodically box in and shut down Claw-girl.

    It’s Crow-chan who’s the real problem, especially if she does indeed out-stat every last one of them. (And I’m not banking on Tony’s armor being able to tank that sword – even if it withstands the strike itself intact, it’s still going to transmit some very serious impact damage into the squishy human within. Nor am I counting on Karasuba’s situational awareness being overwhelmed enough to let the Avengers get in a surprise ambush in on her, either.)

    If that’s the case, then the possible way I can see to win, will be to outlast her – namely by being so stupidly durable (as the Hulk is) as to tank everything she throws, long enough to get that one good hit in.


    1. Well presumably Karasuba isn’t any toughter then other Sekirei. Ergo her ‘invincibility’ comes from being able to block and/or deflect incoming attacks with her sword.

      Use AoE methods (like Hawk’s exploding arrow) or attacks from multiple angles and she can’t block them all. Doesn’t matter how fast she is, her sword can’t be everywhere at once.


      1. While Karasuba is certainly arrogant enough to try cutting down the arrow in mid-flight, unless the resulting explosion is powerful enough to take her out in one shot, she’s immediately going to wise up and start dodging them (and their blast radii) instead.

        Whereas an onrushing fist, half the size as her entire body and with as much force behind it as a freight train, would be a little bit more difficult to dodge or block, I would think.

        Hmm, I could see that work as a tag-team takedown, potentially: Karasuba dodges out of the way of another arrow, only to be left out of position and thus unable to dodge Hulk’s punch.

        Would that beat Uncle Iroh’s best record of forty feet, I wonder? ;p


    1. I’d say it’d be karmic retribution right there except for the little fact that it’s not going to be Higa that’s in the line of fire, or at least not directly in the line of fire, but his sekirei and whichever poor Ashikabi he’s manipulated into playing meatshield.

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