Earring Tales: Tropical Shade

I wanted to play with the topaz beads again, but against a different color scheme.

Tropical Shade6

…Yeah, I think I like these. 🙂

I know, I’m predictable when it comes to liking greens and blue-greens. But I think this gave the impression I was after, of dark green tropical leaves and the kind of misty sunlight that can come through them.

And the topaz makes the sunlight! Awesome. 🙂


Tropical Shade Earrings.

NaNo note: 49K whoof. Going to try and finish the 50 tonight or tomorrow morning….


8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Tropical Shade

  1. Pretty.

    I like greens and blues.

    The topaz is nice contrast. It really pops well against the greens and blue-greens.

    NaNo note: 49K whoof. Going to try and finish the 50 tonight or tomorrow morning….

    Congratulations on hitting the NaNo home-stretch. 🙂

    Fingers-cross that tonight and tomorrow remain productive.

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  2. I always find it highly impressive when someone participates in NaNoWrMo. Even if they don’t succeed, they still tried, which is more than I will likely ever accomplish. It’s really cool.

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    1. I highly recommend “No Plot, No Problem” for getting a person through NaNo. The author’s advice to “when all else fails, throws in a ninja attack” helps more than you might imagine when you’re staring at the page wondering what to do next!

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      1. Unfortunately, a lot of my problem comes down to me learning how to write a rough draft in theory, but never having really had to apply that knowledge. Even in college, papers were written in final draft, minus some spell checking, with the rough draft almost being a separate project unto itself. So when I can’t do that writing fiction, especially longer fiction, the whole thing mostly just devolves into an exercise in frustration.

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