Brief NaNo Update: Leatherbound Past 50 K

Insert maniacal laughter here.

…No, seriously. 😉 At this point in time my brain is cackling like an exhausted grade-B supervillain, or maybe Frankenstein, “It’s done! It’s done!!!!”

Of course it’s not done.

I’d estimate, in fact, that the story is… about halfway through. I’ve set up main characters, conflict, and a lot of worldbuilding, but our heroes still need to track down who they think is the Bad Guy. (And then find out that Things Get Worse.)

But I have a rough plan for how the rest of the story goes, and a definite image of how the final battle at the end turns out. (It involves our heroes in the middle of some wreckage, looking somewhat apologetic. Somewhat.)

So. Still three days left before NaNo’s over. Going to see how much of that rough idea I can get down on paper… inconvenienced electrons, whatever.

This is a very rough draft, so who knows what is subject to change… but from our heroes’ perspective, the story starts with someone stealing a library book.

The overdue fines on this one are going to be a killer. 😉


7 thoughts on “Brief NaNo Update: Leatherbound Past 50 K

  1. It involves our heroes in the middle of some wreckage, looking somewhat apologetic. Somewhat.

    Not sorry about stopping the bad thing but having enough sense of shame to regret making that much of a mess in the process.

    Because someone is going to have to clean that mess up and that someone probably isn’t going to be amused. Not necessarily ungrateful for their lives being saved, glad the bad thing is gone, but somewhat irately wondering if it is some unwritten law of the universe that the heroes must commit a certain amount of property damage during final show-down with the bad guy / bad thing or it cannot be defeated.

    We love our heroes but they can be a little rough on easily breakable things. Such as buildings. Or cities.

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  2. Have a plotbunny that says some curses are linked to the soul/body connection. There’s a scene where the MC does the sensible thing and uses her money drops to figure out what medicine gets converted to what. The cashier asks why she’s buying so many meds.She replies:I have a Muramasa blade that makes my life into a RPG and I’m testing stuff. Cashier replies”****? Or is it a different one?”

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  3. Well, there are a lot of medicines that contain things related to salt or garlic.

    If you do that, though, make sure you have an author’s note pointing out that you made that up, or something similar. Otherwise a few strange people out there will be bugging pharmacists….

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  4. I meant that the blade she has converts her into RPG main protagonist.She’s trying to find out what converts into a potion, what converts into antiparalyis ect.(tip:Sarchastic Heart of Gold)


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