Brief Update on NaNo and otherwise

Over 60 K words on Leatherbound ATM. A couple of our heroes are trying to figure out the clues they have so far. The conclusion they’ve drawn isn’t quite accurate, but they’ll need to find more evidence to figure that out….

Hitting some interesting plot midpoints, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ They’ve at least figured out part of the reason something got stolen!

And now have a listing for signed Seeds of Blood copies on eBay. ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “Brief Update on NaNo and otherwise

  1. Signed copy… darn. If I hadn’t just already bought the book…. oh well.

    I’m enjoying it, BTW, but since I was reading one chapter at a time between renders, I think I’ve probably missed most of the clues to who’s doing what in the background.

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  2. Um, a bit out of the blue, and you probably already know this? But I ran across a tumblr post about vampires and their reflections in mirrors and images in photographs. I thought it was really interesting!

    TLDR: Mirrors used to be backed with silver, which didn’t react to vampires. But now, they use aluminum (surprise! reflections!). Photographs used to use a form of silver as well… but now we got digital cameras. So… All those people posting selfies? Gleeful vampires.

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      1. The no reflections tends to make the logical part of my brain growl that they have to reflections since they take up physical space and continue to absorb and reflect light like any other object.

        Yes, it is magic / supernatural. But my brain still likes whatever it is being served to it to at least be garnished with a little bit of logic. The wizard might have done it but it sill has to make sense.

        If it is a very good story and I like the characters, Logic Brain is willing to ignore that with an eye-roll. But if it’s not a good story or characters, that can be enough to knock me totally out of the story. And once I’ve been knocked out, it can very difficult to get re-impressed and thus difficult to finish the book.

        Through I agree that is a nifty idea and could be humorous. Or touching. If your vampire character isn’t a villain, that might be interesting way to help humanize them.

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      2. I suppose it depends on which “science” theory you subscribe to?
        I’m in the same boat. I never heard of silver being the reason why there were no reflections. Only heard it was the lack of soul. And no image would appear on any surface: water, metal, glass, etc.

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